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Re: Void Destroyer is here! (Space Sim Kickstarter)

Yeah it's been a crazy time...

Today when my baby's nap time arrived - Void Destroyer 2 left Early Access and is now released.

New Media -
Gameplay Trailer –
Cinematic Trailer –

Steam page - ... stroyer_2/

Hope you guys check it out :)
Check out my space sim - Void Destroyer

Re: Void Destroyer is here! (Space Sim Kickstarter)

I have been looking at the gameplay movies of both Void Destroyer games.

I was thinking of buying the second installment, but I am finding the lack of textures a puzzling choice :| -- I would like to know why it was made.
Honestly, I liked much more the graphics from the first game. As it stands, the lack of features on every surface of the models in the new game does not convey a sense of scale to me.
I probably could not enjoy the game because my eyes want some degree of pleasing (not to sound spoiled, now), even in the face of an interesting concept such as that of Void Destroyer 2.

Kind regards,
-fox :wave:

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