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Void Destroyer is here! (Space Sim Kickstarter)

Hello fellow Limit Theorists

This may be my first post here, but I have not mentioned anything yet because I am really happy with the direction Limit Theory is going and I look forward to the beta I helped fund 8-)

The game Void Destroyer has been in development for four years now by one man in his spare time (with only artists helping with certain things) and has had a free alpha available for quite a while. It's a very unique game where you can directly control your ships, or with a tactical / strategic interface not unlike those of space RTS games of the past we all loved so much. It has a very challenging flight model with fairly complex Newtonian movement but does take place at "knife fight" ranges. Well it has finally reached the point where it's time to KickStart it and launch the Steam GreenLight campaign. I hope you guys take a look, I've enjoyed the older versions myself.

Void Destroyer - First Trailer ... 6ZhgSywtbw ... mBpfTt9UXY ... -destroyer

Steam Greenlight - go click the button!

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Re: Void Destroyer is coming... (Space Sim Kickstarter)

Hey - happy that my project is spreading to a lot of space enthusiasts. I actually often browse this forum, sometimes searching for ideas... quick hide them!

It is awesome there are really cool and unique space sims and that with Limit Theory leaning towards procedural direction we'll get a chance to fly through the vast spans of the universe.
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Re: Void Destroyer is coming... (Space Sim Kickstarter)

Aww, a few small changes here and there, maybe totally scrap and redesign the entire tactical interface...
Stuff, y'know.

Or would you say that the current UI has anything resembling structure or user-friendlyness?
It doesn't offer a lot of information, nothing on the spatial relation while zoomed out, has no flow in the way the UI elements are arranged, and is generally scattered all over the screen. When he said he wouldn't mind detailed suggestions, he probably didn't expect that but I call that the Zauberlehrling effect.
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