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Re: Cube world - Infinite procedurally generated RPG

Okay, so I got a chance to play around with this in the AM before heading into work and here is what I have so far;

Testing on my local machine with the injection DLL to support more than 4 players worked fine. Didn't experience any crashes, but I was only testing with me and my wife's machines, so we never hit the 4p limit to begin with.

Second, moved the data to my server, and then I started getting the problem that seems to be cropping up in the non-official cubeworld forums. Notably, the you can connect, and the server says you connect but you can't interact with anything and you don't see anyone else in the world.


So I'm going to run through some more tests tonight to get this up on my server and a bit more stable. I'm going to try and put in place a process restarter, but since the server is a unique one with the DLL injection, I don't know how stable that will be if crashes are experienced. At the same time, I'm going to rewrite a part of the DLL (source was provided) to try and fix the connection issue since he's already exposing some of the interfaces.

Hoping to have a test up tonight. After testing, I'll post info here for all to enjoy! :thumbup:
Early Spring - 1055: Well, I made it to Boatmurdered, and my initial impressions can be set forth in three words: What. The. F*ck.

Re: Cube world - Infinite procedurally generated RPG

Alright, I think I have success! Just gotta finalize some things and then I'm good to go.

If you're interested in joining, PM me. I don't want to get users who aren't interested by just posting up the address here.
Katawa wrote:My biggest problem with it is that it's not optimized so the framerate is just bad enough to make you not want to play it on my pc.
I agree. It took my newer PC with a beefy graphics card before it smoothed out.
Early Spring - 1055: Well, I made it to Boatmurdered, and my initial impressions can be set forth in three words: What. The. F*ck.

Re: Cube world - Infinite procedurally generated RPG

There will be a lot of reviews coming in before the launch on the 30th, just through the hundreds of players that bought it years ago that can play the game already. So no NDAs or holding back review copies until release, like some other devs/publishers have done it before ;)
As it is declared as a finished release there will be no hiding behind early access claims. Seems like wollay is pretty confident about it now.

Well, confidence might be one thing, but I've since posting already read that the game got a lot worse in players experience since the alpha years ago.
Comments from ... _beta_for/
I am currently beta testing it. Absolute disaster in terms of game design. The changes from alpha to beta are some of the most unfun, boneheaded choices of game mechanics I have ever seen. Consider this, you no longer get XP so progression is through exploration and gear only. That's fine, but when you go from one region to another, your gear is immediately reset and you are essentially level 1 again. All your utility items (including boat and hang glider) are reset as well and you have to unlock them again in the new region. So the game progression is through exploration but you are actively punished by exploring because your gear gets reset if you change regions. What the fuck??? Also, the world you play in is no longer randomly generated, it's the same static world you just start somewhere else each time you make a character. The world still feels weird and empty as if it was randomly generated though. Very disappointed. 7 days until full release is not nearly enough time to grapple with the total trainwreck of game design at play here.
There are seriously some absolutely ridiculous design decisions with game right now. The game is arguably WORSE than the alpha right now. The game looks just like the alpha, except...

Killing mobs does not give XP anymore, and the only way to get xp is to find artifacts and explore.

Skill trees have been removed

The game does not care where you are spawned. Most of the time, you end up being spawn surrounded by enemies way stronger than you while stuck with starter equipment.

Equipment is actually REGION LOCKED. If you enter a new region, all your equipment becomes de-powered or locked.

I understand this is a 2 person indie dev team, but this does not excuse these absolutely stupid design decisions.

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