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Re: Stellaris

masseffect7 wrote:
Sun Feb 25, 2018 11:10 am
I don't think it's merely because it changes how people play either, while that is definitely a component. I think the changes go to the core of what people want in a game. Stellaris was always more of a sandbox-strategy hybrid game for me, and now it seems like all of the sandbox elements are gone and it's gone full strategy. I can get a far better strategy experience in any of the other Paradox games I own.

sand... box? what?

if you want a proper sandbox / 4x combination maybe look at space empires 5. its a tad old by now, but has a lot of very sandboxy mechanics in the higher parts of the techtree.
blowing up/building stars, planets, wormholes (the only interstellar movement method), niven rings and dyson shells....

Re: Stellaris

My empire has matured into a bored and meddling industrial giant, and I've found my interests as a player sliding somewhat alarmingly toward radical social engineering. Namely, ousting and vassalizing the founding species in favour of a quasi-uplifted (got them from an event chain) little avian gang with a superior longevity trait. :twisted:
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Re: Stellaris

After three attempts I've finally gotten an empire that can stand up in the new mechanics.

2.0 has it's problems sure, but the broad strokes of the changes are solid.
They still haven't solved Doom Stacks, but they have improved them a little.

They have, imo, solved the territory issue. However I would like to be able to destroy outposts, as well as claim them.
Eg: Any taken outposts you don't have claims for, during a white peace are destroyed. That would do well enough for my liking.

The new fleet manager is ... a step forward. But it needs more work.

The new balancing of fleets is great, I've found that pure Disruptors and Lightning is a perfectly valid design, bypass all armor and shields entirely. :D

Influence needs a few more techs to increase it's gain/month, but otherwise is working as intended now. (finally)
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Re: Stellaris

I solved the problem by back grading to Stellaris 1.9.1. I was deep into the mid game in a large galaxy and was annoyed when Steam auto upgraded the game. I couldn't play my saved game because it was incompatible with 2.0. But the page that popped up as soon as I launched the upgraded game gave a link to a forum post telling you how to restore version 1.9.1 if you wanted to finish a game you were currently playing. So now I'm back to playing 1.9.1. If you missed that and need to know how to back grade the game, here is how you do it.

1) Open Steam
2) Right click on Stellaris
3) Select "Properties"
4) In the pop up window, select "Betas"
5) Click on the drop down menu " Select the beta you would like to opt into:"
6) Select 1.9.1 Boulle version

A patch will automatically download and install bringing Stallaris back to version 1.9.1.
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Re: Stellaris

Oh... wow. :shock:
That power rush when you see those unity edicts for the first time.
Makes me almost believe I can win with only a single-star, single-planet theocratic republic. :twisted:

I went for Galactic Force Projection as my eighth perk (5, 6 and 7 were psychic powers and Colossus), but I saved first. I'm not at all certain that I made the best decision. :problem:

..and I just built a Titan. That's also a power rush. :squirrel:
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