Lucky Jim's log

Ships logbook found in an abandoned locker rented by a trader called Jim Luck, on Spacestation 4 in orbit around Morgenster.


The seven moons of Maust (2385/3003/14) are well worth a visit for any honest, beginning trader.
The original colonists were "relocated surplus human worker resources" from the We Love You Corporation on Armpit III.
The relocation bit was of the bump-on-the-head-waking-up-on-a-troop-carrier kind.

As a result, the colonists now have an ingrained distaste for large corporations and only small businesses are tolerated.
Shopping on any of the seven moons is a delight.
A very wide variety of small shops cater for any and all needs.
Image Boating trips on Chelonium.
The trip itself -taking about 14 standays- is very cheap indeed, but beware!
Once underway you'll get charged for just about anything and it is cash on delivery.
Arguing about why you should pay extra for every meal, a sleeping mat, going to the bathroom, leaning over the railing or spitting in the water (10 cent) will only get you blank stares and an outstretched hand.
Failing to pay is no problem but in such cases a good lifejacket (140 florin) will come in handy.
Image Tranquil Morylon, famous locally for its Airlephanth swarms.
Airlephanths secrete an elixir from three glands underneath.
The elixir is used as an aphrodisiac and should be taken serious as such!
The local prisons are well kept, clean and offer a wide variety of food.
(assaulting a female officer after sampling the elixir will cost you 5 days in prison and 2000 florin)
Image Do not, under any circumstances try and smuggle out singing crystal shards if you do not have a very, very well hidden and soundproof(!) place on your ship.
On leaving, every ship is checked and custom officers wil bring a full crystal on board to listen for the sound resonances that every shard produces when near a full crystal.
Image Marjoline lanterns are a good investment.
The light comes from an indiginous plant that is growing on solid blocks of platinum.
Farms often offer a tour.
Image The Zinnia plant from Marjoline.
Image Just about the only thing Nix has to offer is a visit to the plain of Hesther where an old satelite -said to have come from fabled Earth itself- can be seen, stuck in the ice.
Nix is a good place to sell the crystal shards you didn't smuggle out of Morylon.
Image The only form of transportation allowed on Maglore is by boat.
Being a moon entirly covered in water and plagued by storms, this can become a bit tiresome.
On my trip from Laprodar to Egnimimus the ship - a replica of the Admiral Beyonce- was escorted by a rescue drone.
Image This rare gem flower only grows on Maglore.
it can be found in great depth under the sea.
The entire economy of Maglore is based on renting out submarines to adventurous offworld divers looking for a way to strike rich.
Very few manage to make this venture profitable. (not counting the people who rent out the subs)
Image Mysterious Roost with its purple ice.
What are they?
Alien artifacts? An experiment gone wrong? Portals to other dimensions?
The Roost Institute of Research, the church of the Purple Light and the Roost university of Nuts (RU-NUTS) all offer a substantial sum of money to whomever can uncover the secrets of the moon.


Years ago I came across a little program called Bryce 3d.
An initial set of fractal based programs were developed by Ken Musgrave (who later created MojoWorld) a student of Benoît Mandelbrot, and extended by Eric Wenger. Wenger later met and worked with software artist Kai Krause to design a basic user interface. The first commercial version, Bryce 1.0, appeared in 1994 for the Macintosh.
None of the versions I found had any kind of manual and I absolutely loved clicking on buttons just to "see what is does" (a method known by me as the Chernobyl protocol).
It is fun to play with once you get the basics.
The latest version can be found here: for about $19.= and version 5.0 can still be found as a freeware version scattered around the internet.
For the wise man looks into space and he knows there is no limited dimensions.
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