Trigger's Short Story Series

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Trigger's Short Story Series

Postby Triggerhappy » Sat Mar 11, 2017 12:24 pm

For the past few weeks I have been throwing out short stories at the HFY subreddit, and apparently they are decent. Here is a list of everything I have so far:

If you want to skip to the very good stuff first before staring from the beginning, read 'Human Employment ( and Spoon Dueling )' first, and 'How To Fix A Battleship' second, then do as you please.

It's not LTC related per say, but there is space, and there are explosions. You may also notice as the stories get newer, I improve my writing, so don't be too harsh on the first few.

Feedback is always appreciated. Please respect the handwavium and the plot armor.
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