fallen city

there I was on the highest tower, watching the city burn. buildings explode, people killing one another.
chaos is king here, people will wonder what happened. why did people start destroying the city, killing people. that's what I am here for to tell you the truth. it all started ten hours from now.
I was in a cafe, when a guy came in with a full loaded shotgun. just started shooting people, I took cover in the bath room. the guy wasn't alone there was five others with him, I could hear him talking to them.
the guy that came in told one of his guys to the bath room, I walk into a stall. the guy walked in and started to look through the stalls, but he stopped to look at himself in the mirror. I slowly get out and rush him, push his gun to the floor. he punches at me, I block his punch and hit his arm pit. making him stop , I then hit him in the throat knocking him out.

I pull his body into a stall and take his gun and combat knife. I slowly open the bath room door. I could see them talking, I get out and shot one of them in the head. they rush to cover and look up, they lose sight of me. there's only four of them left, the boss tell the two to go and get me. they both walk down the hall to the bath room. I am hanging on the walls looking down on them, I take out the combat knife and pull one guy up . cutting his throat opens, blood poor out as I hold his mouth. the other guy goes into the bath room. the boss and the other guy, walk back taking better cover but losing sight of the hall. I jump down and walk into the bath room, I take cover on a stall. the guy is tying to wake up his friend but it not working.

I look at the knife and slowly and quietly walk to him. he don't know I'm behind him, I kick him then put his head into the toilet. he screams while I drown him, I'm shaking trying to kill him. he hits the walls and manages to get one breath of air, but I over power him and put his head in the toilet until the water turns red. I then stop at the sight of blood, I get up and take his combat knife. walk out the bath room and claim the walls with the knifes, I mange to get to the boss and the other guy. I look down on the boss and jump down stabbing him with the knife right into the neck, then throws the other knife into the other guys head. I pull out the knife slowly and walk out the store covered in blood, the city is in chaos and everyone is shooting one another. I get out the gun and reload it.

i walk out and see people shooting each other. children being put up against walls and being shot, people being taking out of stores and throw on to the ground. there are people being thrown out windows, fire all over the my city. i look at my gun, then looked up i could see someone falling from the building above me. i back up and she crashes into the ground breaking her neck, her body fell to the ground and her head fell right off. rolled off to me with her eyes and mouth open. i walk away from the head and began to walk to find a safe place.

2 hours later, Found a mail where i had survivors and three of the survivors where my brother, wife and kid.
my brother was sick from kind of sickness, he was coughing blood. i asked him what happened, he told me that he got sick from his cat. one of the survivor Emile came by and told us that the crazed are coming, i told him alright lets go before they reach this store. But we was to late, they was already here, blow up a door. i got out my gun and start to shoot them. my brother scared in pain but was not shot, his arm was bending backwards and blood started to come out of his body.

I reach for my brother, he quickly turned his eyes glowing yellow telling me to back off. i told him he need help, that i would find someone to help him. He screamed as his other arm bends, he yells leave me!!!
i try to get him, but he kicks me and then he starts growing claws. i looked scared at him but i still tried to save him, he pushed me aside because of the crazed coming to attack us.

He asked me to leave a grenade with him, i yelled are you frakking crazy no I'm not letting you give you life away. not like this, i promise mom and dad that i would take care of you before they died and i plan on keeping that promise.
He then said " leave me, go save you wife and kid its over for me look at me, look at what is happening to me."
i look away, then look at him and hand him the grenade. the crazed came closer, i ran to my family. my wife asked me about mat my brother, i told her he was going to stay behind. She understood then that he was giving his life away, we ran into the locker room in the mail. we could hear crazed screaming and then an explosion. The building shacked for a few seconds, i get up and punch a locker making a dint in it. but the gun shots where fired at the door to the lockers, hitting us all bullets flow into me and the rest of us.
the crazed came in and searched for people who lived, no one but my child. They took her and pushed her against a wall. He started to choke her, i wake up and try to get up. She screams dad!! the crazed the stabbed her in the head and left her then. he looked at me and smiled, then he walked away laughing.
I fall down and fall asleep, i wake up and theres a guy in front of me he injects me with some type of stuff.
i fell down looking at the ground, looked up and he was gone.

I get up and rush to my wife, she was dead. I get up and carry her, i pass my child. tears start to drip from my face. i lay my wife down and then walk back to my kid and took the knife out of her head and carried her to my wife. I put her down and then walk away, i fall down feeling something change in me. I started to run faster then i ever had before, i could pick up a car and run up walls faster.
I look down at the city on the highest tower and begin to look for the man that killed my wife and child, Janie and penny.
and that is the story of what happened to me and why i am up here

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