An Intrepid Offensive.

(So! Number 4 in my series thingy. Bought myself a new coffee proof keyboard. Come at me Josh. Reviews appreciated as always!)

The communication link opened, and there sat the captain of the warship Lambda. A stripe seemed to be missing from one of his sleeves. I chuckled.

"Did I make you lose a stripe?"

His face got red.

"Quiet you! There isn't any escape this time!" And with that, he commenced to fire. Well there goes peace treaties. I never was good with those anyways.

The sudden barrage had impacted the shields with great force, causing one of the engines to explode. Violently. I knew that there was no chance to fire my weapons, and even if I did, they'd be ineffective. My ship was useless.

Another barrage penetrated the shields, ripping off one of my ion cutters.

Suddenly, an idea came to mind. My ship's weapons wouldn't be able to take down Lambda, but maybe the ship itself could! I increased thrust speed to full power, diverting power from my shields to my weapons. I fired the cutter directly into one of the main cannons. I then closed the emergency blast shields for the cockpit and ran to the other side of my ship.

The impact was bumpy. I fell. Hit my head on something.

I woke up to the sounds of pain. I slowly walked over to see that half my ship was lodged into a cafeteria, placed right below one of the main cannons. I walked out of my ship and into the wave of pain. There were fires everywhere, table flipped over, and a large quantity of bodies. I walked up to one. He looked like the main course at a barbecue. He'd been carrying a laser pistol. I grabbed it and the few recharge packs he had on him.

"H-help.... Me... It h-hurts..." I looked to my left to see a man crawling towards me, missing his legs. I fired a single shot into his head.

"That feel better?" I walked past his body and checked one of the maps on the ship. It showed where the captain's deck was and the area I was in. The cafeteria was colored red. The map's legend said that red meant serious damage, do not enter. The areas around it were in yellow, which meant minor damage, be cautious. I looked at the route to the captain's deck. It was only two areas in front of it. I looked around and saw the cafeteria sign, 'Captain's main cafeteria.' Ah, that's why. I turned and walked, trying not to step on any of the bodies.

I reached the captain's deck doors. Sadly, someone got there first. A single man with a plasma cannon on his shoulder. Oh goody. An energy wall was behind him, glimmering brightly. He pointed a finger at me.

"Die." He fired a shot. I dodged it.

"Why?" He fired another shot. I jumped just in time, the shot hitting a wall next to me.

"Because." He fired a shot behind me. I miscalculated. The shot launched me right into him. He grabbed me and pressed the cannon into my chin.

"Nothing personal." He pressed down on the trigger.


My sword cut into the trigger. I kicked off of him, knocking him into the energy wall.


Wait... Poof?

I looked around. He'd just disappeared. Did they have cloaking for their own armor now? Did he get warped into another dimension? Was I losing my sanity?

As I pondered this, I stepped in something. I knelt down and looked at what was on my shoe.

It was ash.

This means.

They've got a shield that disintegrates people! Cool!

No, wait. Not cool.

I looked over at some important looking controls.

In my frustration, I smashed them.

The wall disappeared and the door opened.


I walked inside to find the captain standing at his chair. He walked up to me and drew his sword.

"Shall we have an honorable duel to find the true leader of this ship?"

"We shall." I drew my sword.

"Let me do the honor of counting down to your demise," the captain grinned.


I pulled out my sword.


I held it up, the point aimed directly at his face.


He stepped forward.



I spun the pistol in my hand and holstered it. The captain collapsed with a loud *THUD.*

I turned on the communication link with the rest of the ship.

"Your captain has fallen, I have won. You have a choice. Leave and be mocked and beaten by your leaders, or join me."

The crew didn't complain. They'd been beaten into fearing their leader's faces when they'd failed or hadn't tried.

A day later...

I snapped my fingers. A man walked in with a vanilla latte. I nodded to him and took a sip.

Ah, the things I could do.
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