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Re: Rimworld! LTForums Edition

So we have:

Johnson, A youth hooligan, turned brigand. Has a bit of a thing for chemicals.
Talberto, A child slave who became a bodyguard, and killed his owner, a brutal brawler, with a soft spot for romance.
Dave, A boring drudge, who started inventing shit to alleviate the tedium of his life, industrious, but not exactly a fast mover.
Werner, A Space Cadet who graduated into the role of Space Marine, with a not-so-secret love of science and the night.
Quote, Born a slave on a Medieval world, who became a Herbalist, he loves animals, and the blood they provide!

I have another 5 spots available, at which point I will kick this off.
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Re: Rimworld! LTForums Edition

I'll bite.
Name: Nix

Gender: Female
Build: Curvey
Hair: Long, straight, red
Attitude: Sadistic, seductive, and insane

Shooting: 8 (interested)
Melee: 11 (burning passion)
Social: 12 (burning passion)
Animals: 0
Medicine: 8 (interested)
Cooking: 7 (interested)
Construction: 1
Growing: 0
Mining: 3
Artistic: 5 (interested)
Crafting: 3
Research: 2
...note to self, must keep it SFW... :twisted:
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Re: Rimworld! LTForums Edition

Room for another?
Name: Beirut
Sex: Male
Build: Average
Hair Color: White
Attitude: Classhole

The skills are:

Shooting: 2 burning passion
Melee: 2 burning passion
Social: 8
Animals: 2 interested
Medicine: 2 interested
Cooking: 8
Construction: 8
Growing: 8
Mining: 8
Artistic: 2 interested
Crafting: 8
Research: 2 interested
No idea how this will turn out
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Re: Rimworld! LTForums Edition

That makes 7 characters, leaving 3 open slots. :D


We now also have:
Nix, A hooligan in her youth, she became a Reporter, metting out her own brand of "justice", she's psychopathic, but pretty happy most of the time.
Beirut, Born in a shelter on a toxic planet, he joined a ship's crew as a Janitor to get offworld, it's odd the things he likes he isnt good at but the things he hates he is good at.

Nix brings with her, her trusty PDW, a fast firing, micro, SMG.
Beirut brings his only real friends, a male and female chicken he raised from chicks.
Johnson brings a medical kit, thinking ahead (or of the chems)
Talberto brings his personal shield, stopping bullets so he can punch strangers is a good idea!
Dave brings a set of EMP grenades, perfect for stopping his robotic creations if they get away.
Werner brings a Charge Rifle from his time as a space marine, it's his lover after all.
Quote brings a Great Bow, a weapon he has much experience with.
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