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Re: Writing For Computer Games

And when I say "competitive," I mean "free," which you have to admit is only slightly less competitive than me paying you to let me give you game design suggestions.

Regarding the podcast -- again, I can't speak for Sky, but I think it always did better when we had information from Josh to discuss.

If asked, I wouldn't mind rejoining the podcast once Josh starts releasing information... except that he's directly told us that he's not going to be doing much of that. ("Close to the vest" were his words, I think.)

So we'll have to see.

Re: Writing For Computer Games

Much as I admire the work that Josh is doing, Flat, I believe you underestimate your own contributions to the podcasts; and, may I say, the contributions of others. I often had the impression that the Limit Theory discussions tended to be a rehash of material that had been dissected, turned inside out and debated to death on the forums. I liked the magazine approach you tended to take when LT material was sparse.

It's true some of the team's choices were not always to my liking but, like all good magazines, there was usually something of interest for me. Books, films, tech news, other games...all of these were featured or could have been. ;) :)

The last time I checked the universe wasn't revolving around Josh Parnell. :angel:

Re: Writing For Computer Games

I know you've got a lot going on in your life at the moment, DW, but I was hoping you would consider being a part of the team whatever is decided. You all work so well together and I'm sure Nathan, Sly and others would be happy to do guest spots again. :angel:

It would be a shame if we permanently lost another interesting part of the LT "culture". :(

Re: Writing For Computer Games

I'm still out of commission until my house is finished (about 7 weeks at the least), so until then, no podcast for me. I can't even really stream unless it's something that me and my wife do at the same time (like Warcraft).
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