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Re: ... well ... creative writing maybe [MUSIC]?

Out of curiosity, how did you create this? What tools did you use? I'm always interested in those that do sampling and tracking vs. full composition. It's pretty good, IMO.

edit: BTW, there is a thread in Everything and Anything for those who do hobbies and I believe one for music too. Want me to merge this one over there for you?
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Re: ... well ... creative writing maybe [MUSIC]?

Sure, let's go wherever it fits best, wasn't sure myself. :-D

As for the tools used:

I use Propellerheads Reason as DAW (yeah yeah, not a real DAW, but hey I am a bedroom musician after all).

The Rack Extensions and devices involved (Rack Extensions being what VSTs are to other DAWs):

A buttload of Chip64 Synth instances from Ochen K.
A-List Electric Guitarist for guitar simulation.
Drums are from the Refill library called BFD (yes, meaning Big F***ing Drumkit)
2 PX7 FM synths (Yamaha emulation)
A single Malström instance (graintable synth) (Background pad in piano break)
A Radical Piano for the piano break
A Parsec instance to thicken verses.
And finally a little ProjectSAM for a little harp plucking in the second break.
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Re: ... well ... creative writing maybe [MUSIC]?

charnode wrote:I've been active back with game synths and guitars and figured, I'd share one of the results. Wasn't sure where to put it so I figured, you basically write music aswell, so ... ... -bitrocker

... as a bedroom musician, feedback is always welcome. :-)
I like it. The synth leads are nice and quirky.
The start i think is a bit abrupt - perhaps you could use the piano break as an intro also? It's too good to be heard only once in the song :)
Another small thought is that the drums might be just a bit too up front. Can of course be a matter of taste, but if you add just a little more reverb to the drum track i think it will blend in more.

After listening to it one more time, i feel the drums maybe also needs an EQ-cut in the high frequencies. The sharpness is a bit tiring for my ears at least.

Good job anyway! My head starts nodding by itself around 2:10. Catchy!

Re: ... well ... creative writing maybe [MUSIC]?

Thanks for the feedback :-)

I'll try tweaking the drums some more in another iteration and see where that leads me. The abrupt beginning is intentionally. I'm always trying to realise ideas for an album and somehow end up nowhere. This track is to be preceeded by a more ambient intro type track. We'll see how far I get with that ...

I've become very careful with reverb these days, in the past I tended to mud down my sound by adding too much everywhere. Maybe I'm too far on the other end now.
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