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REKT: Mission 1: Chilendorn Base

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((This is the mission thread - simply post here in bold underlined text to show me what actions you want to take. If you want say something out of chracter (OOC), put it in double parentheses ((like so.)) I may have forgotten something, so if something feels amiss, let me know.))

Mission Briefing #1
SCAMPS here. Let's get this out of the way first: Cut the crap. I don't care what you're in here for, I don't care that you were framed, and you can shut up with your whining and your begging for your freedom. I'm a computer - I pity no one, assholes. You're not here to talk anyway - you're here to work. We've got a mission coming in from up top; that means thirty of you guys piling into your CASKETs and shipping off in transport dropships. Where to? I'm glad you asked.


This is the Chilendorn system, a tiny little speck of dust right at the edge of the galaxy. There's no planet here - whatever planets were here got blasted into molten spacedust when the star went supernova a few million years ago. All that's left is a belt of whatever shit could manage to pull the mass together to form something resembling boulders. And it's almost pitch-black. But all that is unimportant.

I'd like to bring your attention to the star in the upper-right corner of the image. As I'm sure none of you have figured out by now, that's a pulsar - and not just any run-of-the-mill pulsar, but a motherfukcing irregular gamma ray pulsar. Something weird going on in its core causes it to spin off its axis fairly rapidly, making a thorough sweep of all points in the system once every five minutes. We're talking about enough gamma rays to deep-fry an elephant's insides in ten seconds - nothing can survive that.


And yet, at some point, something did.


What you're looking at now is an image the Zilean Reasearch Division's scout drones sent back of one of the asteroids - with clearly recognizable structures. Most of them seem to be covered over in some kind of crystalline substance - we can only guess that it was artificially created. As to why, or what it does, we don't have a fukcing clue. Even better, there's some kind of functional anti-spacecraft towers down there - the drones got blown to bits soon after taking that last image. None of them escaped.

As the more genre-savvy of you have guessed, that's where you come in. Your task is to go into the system, take samples of the crystals, and figure out how they're formed. It'd also be nice to know the purpose of the base as well - why would any civilization send their kind out so far? And around a pulsar, of all places? These are questions you're required to answer. We're not picking you back up until you do - and if you want that to happen, it might also be wise to find a way to disarm the AA guns.

Ohhh, what's wrong? Worried about your skins? I would be too. You're going up against anti-aircraft guns - if none of you get blown up on the way in, it'll be a miracle. Better still, you'd better find a good solid rock to hide behind once every five minutes, or you'll wind up charred all to hell from that pulsar's beams. Possible? Maybe for some of you. Others won't be so lucky. But cheer up - you're one group of six. If you don't make it back, someone will. This is really just a milk run, though - you guys aren't too bad off. I calculate that only roughly 30% of everyone we send in will die, so you can breathe easy.

I'll be in touch with you during the mission. To get in contact with me, just talk into your radio and ask for Scamps. To get in contact with anyone else, just talk - everyone on your squad will hear you. Sound good? Good.

Now get the hell to the docking bay before I electrocute the floor.

All right, assholes - we've arrived, with six squads and a total of 28 convicts (or 29, if you count isssss-hh, and there's no way in hell I'm pronouncing his last name). We're only a few miles out now, so I figured it'd be fitting to tell you hello. Normally I'd let you know what's going on ahead of time, but Squidhead managed to piss me off, so, sucks to be you.

As it turns out, there might be a few more AA guns than we initially anticipated - and we still have no fukcing clue how they've even survived the radiation. (And don't give me any of that "you're a computer, you figure it out" bullshit - I've had enough of that for one lifetime.) Because of this, we'll be flinging you in slightly faster than usual, at about 3 kilometers a second - we want to get you in as close as you can before we get blasted. Things are looking a little grimmer, but you should still make it out of this one alive if you're careful.

I've paired you up as follows:
- BFett, you're in Squad One, and teamed with Cha0zz, Karthus, and Ursula. Karthus and Ursula - be as uncivil as you like to each other; I don't give a shit and I see a lot of drama incoming anyway. Karthus is your de-facto leader as he seems to be the only one with any leadership skills, but you can switch things up if you'd like.
- Dinosawer, I'm going to give you lead of Squad Four. Your squadmates are Francis, Goatman, and Squidhead. Francis has a little pet he's bringing along with him: a fellow inmate that's about five inches tall. Maybe one of you can use him as a projectile weapon, I don't know. Also, as a heads up, Goatman may or may not be plotting something.

Squad four and three are going in starside, squad one and two are going in towards the black of space, and Squads five and six from above and below, respectively. We have them surrounded, more or less. Now it's just time to see which bits of cannon fodder they choose.

So, that's it, then. Best of luck to all of you, and if you get yourselves fucked over, that's your own fault. Remember that you can keep in contact with me during the mission by asking for SCAMPS over the radio, and I'll help you out however I can. Also try to remember that your allies are your friends, and you're pretty much screwed without them.

A massive asteroid belt looms before you, growing rapidly in your viewscreen. To your far right, you can see the little flashing pinprick of the pulsar, streaming translucent beams of light as it spins about a couple times every second. Right now it's almost perpendicular to you, but you know from the mission briefing that that will change.

"All right! Listen up!" your dropship's pilot calls out over the comms. "I'm dropping you at high speeds right off the side of the objective - it's up to you to figure out how to slow down. I'm not going any nearer to it than I have to - unlike you, I'm not in prison for anything. Get yourselves down there, do the job, and get the hell back out. Understand? Good! Beginning to decelerate, target 3000 meters per second."

The dropship begins to shake as it decelerates, and you, attached to the side of it, feel your CASKET begin to rattle. You stare straight ahead, watching for where you're going to have to break for it. As the final seconds count down, you hear the other pilots calling out nominal statuses over the comms.

Thirty seconds, champs.

Far ahead of you, you see a tower light up, streaked with shifting purple lines and triangles. The top of it rotates - but where it's rotating towards, you can't tell.

Twenty-four seconds. Eyes on the AA towers, everyone.

A voice calls out over the radio. "Dropship 5, we've been hit - a near graze!

Eighteen seconds...

Far above you, you see a pinpoint flash of light as a fireball streaks forwards, followed by a blinking purple stream of plasma.

Dropship five is down - all KIA. Hold tight. Fifteen seconds.

You hear screams over the radio, and then static - not even an indication of who made the message.

Squad two is KIA - Stay on course. Twelve...

The comms crackle to life again."Dropship three - we're under attack! Dodging artillery fire, barely missed it but wrenched off a few caskets in the process, three squad members KIA!"

You look around, but can't see any sign of them - you do however, notice that the field is coming up on you incredibly fast. Shouldn't the pilot be slowing the ship down?

Steady... Six seconds... Five... Four... Squad six is KIA, repeat, KIA... Two.. One... GO! EJECT!

With the command from SCAMPS, a series of separators fire from under your ship, flinging you haphazardly off the side of the carrier and into the asteroid field, as the carrier drops out behind you. Your ship is tumbling, spinning at speeds far higher than it was designed to handle - and worse, far up ahead, an asteroid looms. If you don't pull out soon, you'll be destroyed... and that's without even mentioning the anti-spacecraft guns that lie hidden in the field.

Welcome to a regular day in REKT. You may now state your actions.

((map only vaguely accurate - disregard asteroid positions (and of course, space is three-dimensional)))

((Actions can include anything and everything from talking to Scamps, giving orders to teammates, looking around, firing weapons, messing around with ship functions (and I'll go into detail there), taking something apart, building something, and so on and so forth. As long as it's not outrageous ("pull a gun out of my ear and use it to launch that nearby planet across the galaxy"), I'll probably allow it. If not, I reserve the right to use Rule 0 wherever I need to.))

((To "radio" each other over the comms, just talk in non-bold text. But, remember that only your squad can hear you. Anybody forgetting that will be subject to some unexpected Fun of the Dwarf Fortress variety. :twisted: ))

Official map:
Spoiler:      SHOW

Courtesy of Cha0zz:

Map with 1km gridlines:
Other pictures from this mission (spoiler):
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Re: REKT: Mission Thread

Flip around, and start retroburn, slowing down to a stop.
Well, at least they aren't throwing mines at us!

(( Logic has no meaning here, but physics does, so I won't grab an asteroid to throw till we are much slower! ))
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Re: REKT: Mission Thread

Watt fumbles about with the controls to make the starscape stop spinning, that would be a good start. Doesn't want to stop though, a predictably speeding target is still a better thing to be for those guns than a stationary one. Maybe. At least the rocks are speeding predictably too. Any other struggle for control would just increase the likelyhood of screwing something up royally, so let's make that all for now.
- Guys, plan? We smash the guns or what? - she thunders into the comms, eyes already scanning the horizon for a good course to ram the thing raining death.

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