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First night Zork play with BFett and I

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<Slymodi> ok BFett and me are playing a Zork style rpg
<BFett> Well this will be a first for me.  Let's see how this goes
<Slymodi> haha alright let;s go
<Slymodi> you enter a tavern, on your person you have: [crappy] cloth armor, [rusty] spoon and [broken] dagger +1
<Slymodi> (I'm going to type one line and you are going to give a command)
<BFett> ok
<Slymodi> (your commands don't have to be exact, but if I get the gist of what you want to do I'll do it)
<BFett> examine room
<Slymodi> you see a few tables set up and a bar, at the bar is a barkeep(m), at the tables there is a fair lass(f) and a group of adventurers (mmff) at another table
<BFett> mmff
<Slymodi> are you walking to them or examining them
<BFett> walking (gender duch)
<Slymodi> you walk up to them, they continue their conversation as if you were not there, they seem to be discussing something of importance
<BFett> comment hi
<Slymodi> they look at you for a moment, one of the females asks "what do you want?"
<BFett> comment what are you discussing?
<Slymodi> they all look to eachother and nod, the male wearing very large armor responds "well you can't be of too much harm, we are going on a quest to one of the local caves, rumor has it there are some artifact scrolls located there"
<BFett> comment Would it be possible for me to accompany you?
<Slymodi> they look at eachother and sigh, the first female says "sure, as long as you dont get in our way"
<BFett> comment I won't
<Slymodi> you become a part of their party, would you loke to do anything else before departing to the cave
<BFett> examine spoon
<Slymodi> the spoon is an ordinary rusty spoon, besides from a small discoloring in the middle that has no rust over it, you don't know what it does, but it sure does look cool
<Slymodi> (you say say "depart" when you want to go)
<BFett> (ok) examine dagger
<TGS> lol guys nothing personal but it'd be really good if you kept that to another channel
<Slymodi> this is one of the worst daggers there is, cheap and picked up from a second hand shop it seems, though you really like it and it actually is somewhat sharp
<BFett> examine f
<Slymodi> (f?)
<BFett> (the lone individual in the room.  The girl)
<Slymodi> (ah)
<Slymodi> There is a girl sitting alone at the table sipping on some drink, she seems a bit shy, you sense a slight disturbance about her
<BFett> walk comment Hi, are you all right?
<Slymodi> She looks up, not expecting you, she puts her drink down and mutters out a "H-hi, I wasn't expecting anyone to talk to me, I was just reading my book" you look down and you see a book with all sorts of diagrams scribed in it
<BFett> comment what are you reading?
<Slymodi> she replies "O-oh, it's just some magic stuff, you know, real basics of conjuration" she then brings one finger up and a small flame comes out of her finger
<BFett> comment Oh that's cool.  If you are doing all right I'll see you later
<Slymodi> she blushes a bit and comments "no one really pays much interest in me, take this on your travels" she gives you a small cloth square that has an aura to it
<BFett> comment Thank you, what does this do?
<Slymodi> she replies "I'm not sure, but it should be helpful to you, I couldn't find a use to it"
<BFett> comment Okay, I'll keep it safe
<Slymodi> she says "thank you"
<BFett> depart
<Slymodi> the adventurers travel with you for a few miles, but because you're terrible and a shit explorer it feels like running a marathon while simultaniously having to take a leak and there was something stabbing into your core
<Slymodi> you arrive at the cave mouth everyone is preparing
<BFett> brief
<Slymodi> there is a distorted cave mouth, there is a forest before the mouth from which you came from, the adventurers are all putting their gear on, the cave has a light in it, but that is all you can see in it besides the rock formations
<BFett> examine cloth
<Slymodi> it's a black cloth with an aura shrowding it, the fibers are really lose together
<Slymodi> close*
<BFett> show cloth to rest of team
<Slymodi> they all look at you like you are mad, why are you showing them some cloth you picked off of a random girl at the bar, what could it have to do with them
<BFett> comment Isn't this a neat black cloth.  It will lead us to riches!
<Slymodi> "suuuure" says the other female, whose name you learnt, retoli, as the others look at you as if you are more mad than before
<BFett> enter cave
<Slymodi> the adventurers look at you more normally, you all enter the cave and you reach the torches, there is a split in the cave, one side has a few bones laying in it, the other side is clear,they want to go down the bones path what do you do
<BFett> follow them
<Slymodi> you all go down that path, the path gets narrower and narrower until reaching a door illuminated by a torch, the adventurers cannot get it open
<BFett> put cloth in hand and attempt to open door
<Slymodi> the door does not open, but the handle is cleaner, remarkably cleaner
<BFett> use cloth on rusty spoon
<Slymodi> the spoon is clean! you cn see a brilliantly clean spoon, the dot in the middle is showing a circle pointing at the door
<BFett> bring spoon to door.  examine spoon
<Slymodi> the spoon seems to be the same size as the keyhole in the door, the spoon''s circle is still pointing at the door
<BFett> open door using spoon as key
<Slymodi> the door clicks! the adventurers look impressed as you open the door, ahead of you are 
<Slymodi> 3 stone statues in a room
<BFett> comment You may all lead the way
<Slymodi> they continue and before they can make it across the room the statues come to life, prepare yourself for combat!
<BFett> draw dagger and use cloth on it
<Slymodi> you have 10hp, the statues have 20hp and the adventurers have 15hp
<Slymodi> the dagger is restored! it becomes a [good] dagger +3
<BFett> put cloth in pocket
<Slymodi> the statues all attack m1 killing him
<Slymodi> cloth in pocket
<BFett> join attack on statue
<Slymodi> the statues advance to f1, the rest of the pack slows up
<Slymodi> you combine with the group of the rest
<Slymodi> the are a bit frightened at this point
<BFett> examine statues
<Slymodi> they are all armorless and have a few slots in them, maybe those will come in handy
<Slymodi> the statues are now upon you
<BFett> attack 1 statue as a group
<Slymodi> the group attacks a statue before it can attack you, you all hit it in the right spot and it crumbles, statue 2 attacks m2 and statue 3 attacks f1, dealing 5 damage to each player
<BFett> assist m2 with fight
<Slymodi> you block s2's attach with your dagger allowing m2 to get a solid attack, a critical! killing the statue, s3 attacks f1, she is in bad condition
<BFett> attack s3 along side f1 and m2
<Slymodi> you all land hits on s3 making it crumble, f1 collapses to the ground from exhaustion as m2 starts patching themselves up, f2 is still a bit stunned from the battle
<BFett> diagnostic
<Slymodi> you are in fine health, as you were not attacked, but f1 is is bad condition, she may not be able to use her left arm for a while, m2 is just bleeding, but he has a bandage over it
<BFett> use cloth on m2
<Slymodi> he looks at you weirdly and continues to bandage up f1
<BFett> examine results
<Slymodi> nothing changed
<BFett> loot statues
<BFett> (get/ take)
<Slymodi> they are crumbled statues on the ground, there is something red inside s2, you take it, is seems to be a gem of some kind
<BFett> examine red rock
<Slymodi> it's a small red rock, maybe about a few millimeters in radius, it is curved on the bottom, just as you do that, lava starts filling the room, the room will be covered in 5 turns
<BFett> examine room
<Slymodi> there are no doors in the room, the initial door has seemed to dissapear, the only things on the ground are the crumpled statues and your party
<Slymodi> you have  turns
<Slymodi> 4
<BFett> wipe walls with cloth
<Slymodi> nothing happens, you have 3 turns
<Slymodi> your party is getting frantic
<BFett> through red rock into fire
<BFett> lava
<Slymodi> the lava spits the red rock back at you, you have 2 turns, your party is now in panic
<BFett> wipe floor with cloth and stone
<Slymodi> nothing happens, you have 1 turn (go back to the description of the rock)
<BFett> I'm dead.  put rock in pocket
<Slymodi> the lava consumes you and your party, game over
<BFett> ah well.  I had no idea what to do with that info
<Slymodi> I will post this log, but the correct solution was to fit the rock into the spoon
<Slymodi> the rock was curved
<Slymodi> spoons are curved
<Slymodi> it was a bit difficult
<Slymodi> sorry if that was a bit boring, I didn't really know what to do
<BFett> ah ok.  a weird solution, but hey that's what it's all about
<Slymodi> you would have been trasported somewhere without your party, you'd have to fight a beast and you'd get the scrolls
<Slymodi> haha yeah
<Slymodi> well losing is a part of the fun
<BFett> yep.

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