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Re: Comments on Insignificant life

I am actually looking for words. I cannot say nice story, because it definetly made me look nervously at the sky at each cloud passing by. :lol: Tell me Tsernobyl - with such a name, did you have to add more catastrophes? :twisted:

OK, let's settle for good story! :clap:

It ends with a cliffhanger, so let's hope the Chapter 2 (the "writer" will have protected our heros) will tell us who the girl was, and if the other actually did loose a man on his watch!

Thanks for the good read!

Re: Comments on Insignificant life

Thanks a lot. I've been trying to improve on my writing the last year, read a lot about it and had quite some excercise. I feel confident that I can write this story the way I want, better than my previous attempt. The ending and major events will be very different, this is not a rewrite of "A short story about war" So there is no point in reading that for spoilers.

I'm glad you like it, gives me one more reason to write on. :D

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