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Limit Theory: Genesis

In the beginning JOSH created the architecture.

Now the architecture was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the disk, and the spirit of JOSH was hovering over the code.

And JOSH said, "Let there be LT," and there was LT.

JOSH saw that LT was good, and he separated the LT from the LTSL. JOSH called the LT "engine," and the LTSL he called "scripts."

And JOSH said, "Let there be a void between the worlds to separate star system from star system." So JOSH made the wormholes and separated the matter in one system from the matter in another system. And it was so. JOSH called the wormhole endpoints "space."

And JOSH said, "Let the matter in space be gathered to one place, and let worlds appear." And it was so. JOSH called the worlds "planets," and the remaining matter he called "asteroids." And JOSH saw that it was good.

Then JOSH said, "Let the planets produce colonies: farming colonies, and manufacturing colonies, and research colonies, according to their various kinds." And it was so. And JOSH saw that it was good.

And JOSH said, "Let there be lights in the void of space to serve as orientation points." And it was so. JOSH made two great lights -- the greater light to govern orientation and the lesser light of dynamic point lighting to improve the graphics. He also made the background stars. And JOSH saw that it was good.

And JOSH said, "Let space teem with procedurally generated objects, and let starships fly above the planets through the void of space." So JOSH created the great starships and every editor with which to customize them. And JOSH saw that it was good. JOSH blessed them and said, "Be fruitful and increase in number and fill the available database tables, and let the colonies increase on the planets."

Then JOSH said, "Let us make NPCs in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the colonies on the planets and the stations in the sky, over the asteroids and all the jump gates, and over all the starships that execute projects in space."

So JOSH created NPCs in his own image and said to them, "Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the star systems and subdue them."

JOSH saw all that he had made, and it was very good.

And as he created these things, JOSH spoke to the angels. Daily he spoke unto them, telling them of the wonders he had made. And JOSH also gathered his marvels into collections, and showed unto his angels and all the heavenly host these collections, saying, "Look you on what I have made, and comment in the forums."

For many days and months JOSH shared his great works with the angels. And the angels spoke among themselves, singing songs praising JOSH for his works and for sharing knowledge of them so often.

But it came to pass that JOSH, unhappy with the promise not yet fulfilled that the angels and all the heavenly host might one day experience the world he was forming, spoke. And he said, "Behold, I have made less than I might have done as I spoke among you. Now shall I speak less and do more, that you shall see my works for yourself the sooner, but still shall I abide among you."

Then did most of the angels raise their voices to exalt JOSH's name, saying that this plan was good and would surely lead them unto the Beta.

And so it passed once, and twice.

But then the voice of JOSH came no longer unto his people. No Beta was delivered; no updates were posted; no comments in the forums were seen nor any appearance of his avatar. Days became weeks, yet of JOSH and all his works there was no more to be heard.

And the angels cried out, "O JOSH, why have you forsaken us?" But JOSH did not answer.

And the angels cried out, "O JOSH, only show us a sign that you make progress and we will stay!" But JOSH still did not answer.

Then did some of the angels fall from the forums, saying, "If JOSH speaks, we shall return, but otherwise we leave to seek new creations elsewhere."

Others of the angels stayed behind. They said, "Even without JOSH to guide us, we are still a community, and we shall remain faithful all the days of our lives."

Some from the heavenly host then began to appear, saying that JOSH had underestimated the difficulty of creating the universe, or that JOSH had agreed to let a still greater divine power gain publishing rights over his works, or even that JOSH had abandoned them all utterly. And the angels argued among themselves. And still JOSH gave no sign to his people.

Yet so great is the trust JOSH engendered among the angels for his works thus far that those who remain say, "Yea, we choose to keep faith with JOSH; we have seen the LT and we believe. And we will stay. And on the day of Beta, which surely comes soon, when the fallen ones return we shall welcome them back among us."

And such is the state of creation to this day. Whether JOSH sees it, and thinks it is good, no one can say.

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