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Speak or Sleep.

(Number 3 in my story thing! Hope you like it! As always, make sure to give me your reviews and tips! On a side note, the creative writing forum has started to gain speed. Woo hoo!)

I took another bite of steak as I processed what he had said.

"So, you're telling me that there's a REALLY important person stuck in there?"

The man from the boarding party nodded and looked towards the cryo-pod hesitantly.

I smiled and set down my silverware. I got up and walked over to the pod, which had been sitting in the brig for a month now. Ever since I had gotten it, my relations with the Arcadian faction slowly got worse. Currently I had a bounty of 10,000 credits on my head. I frowned. I consider such a low bounty an insult!

I looked towards the man I had spoken with, a somewhat frightening grin on my face.

"Am I scary?"

"Well, you suffocated more than half of my group and thrust a sword through the other survivor's chest... Yeah, you're pretty freaky."

I sighed and turned away.

Suddenly I turned, walked towards him, and punched him straight in the nose. Before he could get up I hit him again, and again, and again.

When he didn't move I turned and walked to the cryo-pod. I gestured to my drones and they flew over to open it. I wasn't waiting any longer. The pod door came off without a problem, and there, lying in the pod, was a woman.

I looked around the room, as if this were a joke. How could a woman be this important? Was she the wife of the faction leader? No, her clothes were that of a captain's. Wait. That meant.

The woman bolted out of the pod and tackled me with great strength for someone who's been sleeping frozen solid for a month.

"Who are you? What ship is this? It isn't the faction ship! You! You must've stolen my pod! That means... You've had to kill faction members!"

The next moments were a blur, possibly because of how hard she slammed my head.

There I was, getting interrogated by the two that I had in the cell I was now in. When they were done, they pushed me into the airlock and out I went.

I floated, watching my ship fly away. I couldn't do anything. I was helpless. I checked my oxygen levels. 96%. What a terrible way to die. Suffocating slowly. I guess this was payback for what I'd done to those scouts. Fitting, I guess. I had nothing to do. My words would be heard by no one.

So I slept.

I was awoken by a jab to the side. I looked at my oxygen level. 26%. I looked up, seeing one of my drones. Behind him sat my ship. I would've jumped, but in space I couldn't. The drone dragged me in side the airlock. When the doors had sealed shut, a loud *DING* came from the drone, and out came a card. It read:


I looked up at my drone, which spun around, showing me my chain sword, thrust deeply into it's processing core. The drone made one final *DING* and a small door opened. The aroma of fresh coffee filled the ship. There sat a vanilla latte. I took the cup and drank deeply from it. The drone slowly sank to the ground. it's lights turned off. I patted it's head and walked to the cockpit.

On my walk there I saw the occasional bloodstain. When I reached the door to the cockpit, I saw the corpse of the man who'd I'd taken prisoner. large cuts had been made in his chest by plasma cutters. I opened the door and walked inside to see a frightened woman standing there, an uncharged laser pistol trained at my head. I walked up to her. She tried to run, but there was nowhere to go. I put a hand on her shoulder.

"It's okay, you're going to be fine."


I thrust my sword into her chest.

"Of course it is."

I laid her body and the man's in the airlock. I sighed and opened a communication link.

"So how long are you going to stay there?"

The warship Lambda uncloaked.

"Not long."

- End -
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