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Chapter 1

(Sound of hideous alarm on the background) Ahhhh man, this night flew away so quick. (Again I am talking to myself inside my head). I wander what we may find today. The latest tests show that we can make the trip, hopefully the last test today can corroborate this.

Ok time for a quick shower and leave immediately for the Spaceport.

(15 minutes later) Olga, (name of in home PSS unit, Protection, Services and Security droids), Olga, please call Anton in the Spaceport and make sure my shuttle is ready.

-Yes Mr. Limthe (I prefer to keep the relationship with the PSS at a business level, I hate those who talk with them like they were humans). I will call him right away.
-Thank you Olga.

A little bit about myself while I wait the call from Anton. My name is Ory Limthe, I am an Astroarchaeologist, Dr. in Studies of Astropaleolanguages. I have been working in the last 10 years deciphering the Old Writings of the Ancient Colony discovered in the early 2200s in a cave on the Dark side of the Moon. That discovery opened a new chapter in Space Exploration and now after so many hundreds of years we have found the key that unlocked the Writtings of the Ancient Colony.

The Writtings spoke of an Ancient Civilization that many eons ago populated a vast sector of the galaxy and how they deiced to create a colony in our planet, sadly nothing is left of this Ancient Colony except the Gate. the Writtings pointed towards a colony on planet Earth that used a gate to travel among the stars, this gate was the Central point connecting hundreds of planets on this limb of the galaxy. Also our Gate was connected to other main gates that themselves connected to thousands of other planets and even to other galaxies.

Of course I am excited, we managed to find the gate and we activated it, we sent yesterday the first SPAV through the gate (Self Propelled Automated Vehicle). The telemetry and first reports came back very positive, we entered into one of the main hubs connecting our gate with many others, how many worlds await for us in silence mystery.

Today I will enter the gate and we will finally find out more about the Ancient Colony.

-Mr. Limthe chimed Olga, they are waiting for you outside.
-Thank you Olga, well time to find what lies behind the first gate.

Re: Gateway

We have arrived at the gate location, the best way to describe the gate is just a hole in the rock wall. A rectangular hole carved out of a wall rock inside one of the many caves discovered in the South American region of Peru. Cannot mention the true location due to matters of security for our personnel against any fanatics or anyone that could try to enter through the gate.

The last minute checks are completed and we are ready for the debriefing.

Our crew will be composed of 7 members, of them 3 security personnel (trained military personnel specialized in everything and anything you can imagine), 1 astroengineer, 1 doctor, 1 astrophysicist and myself. We also will take with us 2 SPAVs one with food, water, tents etc in case we stay longer than planed and the other SPAV will be carrying all type of scientific equipment.

The countdown has started and we will depart in t-1 minute.

As the seconds drag by, the nerves and the adrenaline rush increases inside my body, my hands are covered in sweat and I can feel my heart beating so strongly that I cannot imagine how no one can hear it.

The generator has started and the gate has been fully energized, time to enter, a last minute prayer to my father's God, I never understood the reason for his faith in the ancient God, but right now in the face of this new challenge on my life I feel motivated to whisper a quick prayer just for protection.

One of the Security personnel, a retired drill sergeant well known for his austere looks and very short in words but very dynamic indeed shouted braking the hypnosis that has take hold of my thoughts,

"Time to move on guys" he shouts as he enters the gate, followed by another security staff, the rest of the crew and following at the end the last security member.

Suddenly I am engulfed in this electrical gel that zaps me around with low dosages of what can be described as static energy discharges, the color is bluish gold and as quick as I started to get use to the zaps we are inside a very dark room.

The gate shuts down as soon as the last security staff enters through it.

The room is very dark with few intermittent greenish lights shining at very quick intervals from a console few yards in front of us. The light that comes from the SPAVs let us see better what the room looks like.

The sergeant (whose name is Bob by the way) activates the light beacons we brought in one of the SPAVs giving us a better look at the room and quick turned off the power on the SPAVs, he says in case we may need them later on.

The best way to describe the room is as follows:

It is an hexagonal room with consoles on 4 of the walls and 2 exits in opposite sides, one is the gate that we just entered and the other one is a beautiful double metallic doors inscribed with some very unusual language and graphics similar to mathematical or physical equations hard to determine without further studies. The Astrophysicist thinks that these could astronomical calculations or some type of astronomical space laws. He is really getting his hands dirty by cleaning the dust that has settled on the door.

The room is very big and we have plenty of room to set camp here before we decide to further explore the facility, the engineer is checking the consoles to see if we can get them back online and to try to find out what are they used for.

The doctor is checking us all before we further adventure anywhere in this facility.

So far everyone seems unaffected by the transport. Time to set camp and compare notes of the results.

Re: Gateway

Ok lets get the recording started:

First lets talk about what we have accomplished so far.

In first place we got the approval from the Doctor to keep with our operations, everyone went through the gate without a problem.
In second place our astroengineer managed to get one of the console to work and he has some very interesting results.

a- The gate is an artificial made wormhole
b- The rest of the consoles are in hibernation mode, so he may be able to activate them.
c- He found the blueprints of this base, oh boy, this base is huge.

In third place our astrophysicist managed to decipher the writings on the doors and this is what he discovered:

The writings are basically a quote of a scripture from an ancient book called "The Ancient Chronicles", the text copied into the door reads as follow:

"We are the servants of the Ancient One, the One who always existed, the One who always exists, the One who always will exist, our goal is to serve Him, our mission is to follow His footprints, to enter into all the worlds He created, to map all the pathways He traced for us to find. We are the servants of the One, if we do His will we will become the Ascended and we will receive His Wisdom. This is the First Door to a Universe of many doors. Travel safe, travel far, travel with His wisdom and you will find the paths."

Book of Moltar,
Book I of the Ancient Chronicles.

So now we really have a mystery before us, who is this Moltar, who is this Ancient One and how we find all these paths.

Many questions no answers, right now the main task is to get the power back up so we can unlock the other consoles to see what else we can find, the two portable generators we brought cannot hook up to main grid, we cannot find a way to connect to the main power source because the way the grid is built.

The grid is imprinted into the walls like it was sprayed into the walls. Our engineer using the blueprints has managed to find some junction points along side the main corridor outside of the door.

We are heading that way now after the security detail has cleared the area.

Re: Gateway

After the doors opened, the security detail moved inside. Bob entered followed by the 2 other members of his crew. He entered into a wide room with 2 corridors running opposite of each other. He moved to the corridor on the right while the other 2 squad members went to the left.

After checking the area both teams found doors locked at the end of each corridor. The corridors are 50 yards in length by 15 feet wide and 10 feet in height. Both doors at the end of the corridors are locked so we must determine what is going on.

Our engineer at the room where the gate is located managed to get the second console working and determined that the doors are locked due to low electrical power from the generator that controls the base. Int he blueprints found in the first console we discovered a series of relay power supplies are located in each corridor and we are proceeding now there to try to repair them.

Our engineer has finishing working on getting the other remaining consoles up but the amount of power needed to use them is preventing us from using them. He also found out that this base is protected by a weakening force field that has started to decrease due to our presence in the base (we are consuming air and forcing the systems to activate filters and other units used to provide the air we need, we must hurry to fix the generator problems.

We are proceeding right now to the corridor on the left to find out what is the problem with the relay power supplies.

-Press that section of the wall, right there Bob where the yellow square is located! shouts our engineer.

(Lets make a breve stop and let you know the name of the crew)

Security squad: Bob, sergeant of the Special Forces with so many specialties we will need a book to mention them all ;)
the other two members are Robert and Manuel, the Astro-engineer is James, the Doctor is Jadier and the Astrophysicist is Paul.

Time to get back in recording what is going on.

After Bob pressed the yellow square a section of the wall 2 feet by 2 feet popped out containing a series of crystals lined up in 5 rows from bottom to top. Each row contains 10 crystals, many of the crystals are completely black and only a few of them are of a light brown color and just 3 of them are red in color.

-Seems that most of them are empty of power and the rest are about to loose it too- Paul said.
-Hey Paul what is that box at the bottom to the right?- I asked (there is a small opening inside the wall to the left with a box on it)

Paul pulled the box from the wall and inside we found 100 crystals clear as water, the box also has a charger inside it to be used to charge the crystals when they are depleted of power (wow, we really caught a break here).

Paul and James started to replace all the crystals and placed them to charge inside the box.

Immediately after doing that this section of the base light up and the door that was locked released and now is working.

-Lets go to the other side and do the same thing.- I shouted and we went to the left corridor.

After a few minutes we managed to unlock the second door.

James returned to the consoles and found out that still the other two consoles are locked no matter we got an increase in power. The good news is that the drainage we were inflicting in the power supply of the base has diminished by a 50%.

Time to press forward.

Re: Gateway

After a good meal cooked by Bob (he is a good cook I have to admit it) and a solid 6 hours rest in our base camp we got up in the morning to the smell of Mountain Blue Jamaican coffee (a man got to drink what a man likes and this is my favorite coffee so I made sure we had plenty of it ;) on this mission).

After a quick but hearty breakfast we checked the power supply and we now are running at a 30% power with a consumption of only 2% so we are in pretty good shape but the other two consoles require more power so we assume they must control the main database where all the essential information about other gates, addresses of gates and other relevant information about planets, systems etc must be stored.

We are heading towards the left corridor in our compasses pointing towards the East, last night before finishing the workday we tried the corridor on the right but it was blocked by some fallen beams that will require a lot of man power to clear, so we left that operation for future expeditions.

We are here, it is time to open the door and see what lies behind it.

-You all wait here- shouted Bob as he and his squad moved through the door. The door slid to the right with a humming sound showing a long narrow corridor surrounded by darkness, as soon as Bob and his men entered the corridor a very dim light started to appear on the floor of the corridor. We entered as well and on the walls on both sides of the door we found in each side a compartment similar to the ones found inside the corridors containing the crystals that supply power to the station. We repeated the same process and we managed to get the light output back to normal. Seems like each section of this base has its own power source to provide power to the different items in each section.

As soon as the power was restored we saw that the corridor stretched for few yards before connecting to a bridge over a chasm deep and dark, using some of our equipment we measured around 1 mile deep. This chasm runs underneath the base and divides the base as far as we can tell in two sections, the bridge can be retracted so we can assume that constructing the base over this chasm was intentional so the chasm could act as defensive barrier if needed.

Inside this section of the base we also found some ancient writings on the wall and after our success translating the first text this one is rather easy to decipher...

It reads:

"You have entered where the void sleeps, where dreams roam among the darkness, be careful on your (unintelligible), the blind cannot lead the blind, you must find the (unintelligible) to see behind the shadows... death is around every corner and night is but an illusion....
Find the (unintelligible) of light and he will show you the path... be aware of (unintelligible) and you shall be safe.

Book of Light Chapter 2

After inspecting this section of the base, it seems the base was carved inside a cavern deep underground, but where that is the question we need to answer, did we travel to another galaxy, another planet or another moon?

We found also in this part of the base some abandoned equipment that we will check later on.

After crossing the bridge we are faced with another door but this one is different, it seems more ancient, this side of the base is much older maybe thousand of years older than the other sections of the base.

After few hours of study we came to the conclusion that this door and whatever lies behind it was a total different base, a completely different construction to which someone attached the newer section. Intriguing, someone must have found this base, and constructed the newer section to connect to it but who did this and why? Where did they obtain the information about this old construction/base?

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