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Re: Comments on "Small Choices - an EVE-Chronicle-esque"

Dinosawer wrote:
Idunno wrote:
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The more Hraden thinks of Sofie as a real person, the larger the chance that the Sofie/Hraden ship will sail straight and true. :shifty:
Why yes, my shipping goggles are still on, thank you for asking. :ghost:
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So I guess we could say you're...spaceshipping? 8-)

I'll let myself out. :ghost:
You may or may not have just summoned a certain pixelated loon. :ghost:
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Re: Comments on "Small Choices - an EVE-Chronicle-esque"

Talvieno wrote:You think that's hilarious? He wasn't even trying. :P Try this thread to see what I mean.
:lol: :lol: :lol: :clap: :clap: :clap: :shock: :? :crazy: :wtf: :wtf: :wtf:

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Re: Comments on "Small Choices - an EVE-Chronicle-esque"

I thought I'd better say something here, Nathan, just in case you start getting the impression that I've lost interest in your grand project (as if I could). I'm not reading your serialisation of Small Choices but as soon as you have completed your epic masterpiece and find the time to get the wheels rolling/ cogs turning on those plans to produce the physical copy you will find me most attentive. If you still intend doing my audio version I will reward you handsomely for your efforts. ;) :angel:

If you decide against a printed copy of Small Choices would it be possible to put together a superior PDF version? Maybe adding some of your artwork to embellish the whole. :mrgreen: :D

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