Faction Idea - The Shandac


I could not find much writing about factions, so I decided to try coming up something myself. This is only a first version and there is much more that needs to be done. You could go in depth and write about their culture, economy, technology and so on, but what I have covered in this version is:

History - Short coverage about The Shandacs history. Has some plot holes and does not is not very detailed.

Motivation/Values - Why they do what they do. Also needs work, I have only covered the foundation of their faction.

Goals - What, and a little bit of "How", they want in life.

Keep in mind that this is only a first version, but you are free to criticize it anyway you want. You are also free to copy anything I have written and make your own faction idea or story. Build it anyway you want!

I tried to keep it as short as possible since it can be a chore to read a wall of text in a forum post.

Enjoy! :thumbup:


Nobody knows who was the first original Shandac, therefore the Shandacians call their founder, simply "The Founder". This was decided by The Founder because it realized that if it would be classified as a "he" or "she", much of the philosophy would be dismissed by other races and sexes.

In the early days of The Founder it wandered around both planets and space aimlessly. Doing whatever it pleased, either plundering whoever got in its way or drinking till there was nothing left to drink. However, after some time, The Founder slowly started to grow bored of its lifestyle. The plundering and drinking did not feel as it used to, neither good or bad, only stale and soulless.

It was from this The Founder tried something different. It fled to the unexplored territories, not knowing whether it would return or not. It did not. The Founder stayed there for the rest of its days on a remote, grassy planet discovering a way to galactic peace. Although The Founder thought it would remain alone, the Galactic Alliance eventually expanded and colonized the very same planet. When this happened The Founder started to teach its ideas to the settlers and after some time the group of a few thousand people decided to leave the planet, breaking off from the Galactic Alliance.

Of course the Galactic Alliance did not approve of this treachery and started searching everywhere for their settlers, but could not find them. They could avoid the Galactic Alliance by tapping in to their communication. It was not 20 years after The Founders death that the first Shandacians could settle and grow into the stable people that they are today. Not wanting to expand, but neither to be extinct.


The Shandac value both physical and mental strength. Mind and body are key in their way of life. They train to last, keeping their body strong even in old age, but also training for the people around them. Helping anyone who might need it.

They neither enforce or hold anything secret about their way of life. The Shandacians do this in honor of The Founder's realization that exposing oneself to the universe, fully and truly, will lead to everlasting peace.


Although they are a remote faction and keep their distance, they are willing to offer trade or helping lost explorers. Their main goal is to spread their philosophy throughout the galaxy to anyone who is willing to join them. The Shandac also believe that by spreading their beliefs, it will eventually lead to galactic peace.

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