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One Last Job

He gripped the leather of his controls one last time as he stared out into the void as he had for almost 15 years. He watched the bustling of traffic going to and from the station and began to grow weary. He thought of all the jobs he'd done aboard that very station and smiled. Being a war-torn mercenary, he wished he didn't love his job. Being a mercenary was a hard life. Being the best was even harder, and he was the best. Still, he loved doing what he did and he regretted nothing. Aside from being a wanted criminal in most systems. He laughed at the thought and spun his cockpit chair around to face his old friend.

The captain stood. “Well Jacks, she’s all yours now. I trust you’ll take care of her, and if you don’t, you know I’ll have to come beat your ass,” he smirked.

Jacks grabbed his old captain and gave him a bear hug. “Now don’t you go dying out there, Kickback.”

“Relax,” Kickback said. “This is my last job and then I’m retired for good. If there’s any funny business, I’ll give you a call.”

The Elitists’ shuttle hovered in close to the SS Mercy as a voice came over the comm link. “I trust everything is a go, Captain Martell?”

Kickback responded, “Aye, but I’d prefer it if you called me by my callsign.”

“If you do this job right, we’ll call you whatever you want. Now, do hurry, as we’re a little behind schedule.”

Kickback shoved on his helmet and walked to the door where Jacks was standing. Jacks reached in his pocket and pulled out a silver knife with an ivory handle.

“It was my father’s from before the war, when we still lived on Earth. You’re the closest I've got to family, so I wanted you to have it. For good luck and all.”

Kickback smiled and gave a soft thanks and sheathed the blade into his boot. He nodded to Jacks to open the door. As the door opened, Kickback looked at the luxurious shuttle of his Elitist employers. It looked almost brand new, like it’d just been assembled. He wondered how much it’d fetch on the market, but that’d have to wait until after the job. Kickback jetpacked his way over to the shuttle and banged on the steel door for entry. The door slid open to reveal four well dressed Drucari councilors. ‘Alien cunts,’ Kickback thought.

The councilor closest to him motioned him over. “Come, come. There is no need to just stand there, Captain. Have a drink, the journey will be quite long.”

Kickback pulled off his helmet and took the drink from the councilor’s hand and nodded his thanks.

The councilor across from him held up his glass and said, “Let us toast our honored guest, who when none else would come to our aid, he alone answered our call.”

Kickback laughed, “Well you lot are paying the most. So, who's the target and what are my parameters?”

"In due time, Captain. Right now, we relax and celebrate."

Kickback turned up his drink as he felt the shuttle change course. He peeked out of the cockpit window to see the SS Mercy in the distance. He bounced up and drew his blaster.

“What the hell do you think-what-wha-“ Kickback felt his chest tighten as his vision blurred. He dropped his weapon and fell to the floor. He tried to contact Jacks but the signal was being blocked.

One of the councilors chimed in, “I’m afraid you've been misled, Captain Martell. You see, the only thing we need from you, is your use as a bargaining chip. The Empire wants you so badly, they've offered a cease fire to the captors! You must be quite the problem.”

Kickback felt the shuttle jolt as the cannons fired again and again. “Oh, and I am terribly sorry about your ship,” one of the councilors jested as Kickback fell unconscious.

Re: One Last Job

Groggy and confused, Kickback slowly opened his eyes and realized he was being dragged down a hallway. He stared at the ceiling, passing under a light every few seconds. He quickly thought back to when he was on the shuttle, remembering what had happened. He shut his eyes and tried to block it out as best he could, but it was a futile effort. Jacks was the only friend he had since he left Earth; rather, the only family. He looked down to his right where an Imperial guard was walking next to him, weapon drawn.

“Finally awake, scumbag?” scoffed the guard. “Go ahead and try something stupid. Give me a reason to-“

A voice from behind Kickback interrupted, “Commander that is no way to treat our guest. I do apologize if you've been offended, Captain Martell.”

The group came to a stop as Kickback heard the sound of a card reader being activated and the sound of a door sliding open. As he was dragged inside, he noticed four more guards keeping post and knew this would not be a pleasant visit. He was thrown against the back wall and fell to the side, the wind knocked out of him. The guards that had been dragging him removed his handcuffs and shackled him to the wall. He looked up to see who the mystery voice belonged to, but he was silhouetted by the light above him.

The mystery man called out, “Commander, I expect you to watch him. I don’t think he will try to escape, but it never hurts to be prepared. Also, do not lay a finger on him. I want him unharmed.”

“Yes, General.”

Kickback watched as the General exited to the hallway, almost getting a look at his face. He was still confused, but hoped that the commander would be able to shed some light on the situation.

“You there. Commander. Can you tell me what’s happening?”

“You’re an Imperial prisoner, idiot. What do you think is happening?”

“I meant, could you tell me why I’m here? I’m a bit confused, to say the least. Why would the Empire enlist the help of the Elitists?”

“I’m not at liberty to say. The General will brief you on that when he so chooses. I have to admit though, I expected you to be more of an asshole, considering you’re the ‘great William Martell’. I half expected you to try and escape or at least be much more condescending.”

Kickback smiled, “well I considered it and weighed my options, but I figured you were a tough guy so I changed my mind.”

“Ha! I might start to like you, Martell.”

“I didn't catch your name, Commander.”

“The name’s Keller.”

“Well Keller, I’d shake your hand, but I’m a little chained up at the moment. Pleasure to make your acquaintance, nonetheless.”

Keller was about to respond when he got a message on his wrist communicator. ‘Commander, bring the prisoner to the bridge. Make sure you have adequate backup.’

“Well Martell, I guess you finally get what you were asking for.”

Keller ordered his men to unshackle Kickback and put him in cuffs. Keller and his men led Kickback out into the hall where he would make his march into the unknown.

Keller looked at Kickback and could tell he was on edge. “Don’t worry, they’re not gonna kill you or torture you or anything like that. Well I guess that’s if you cooperate.”

“So who’s the general I saw earlier?”

Keller smirked, “you’ll find out soon enough.”
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Re: One Last Job

I like the grammar, the writing, and the plot-line. All in all it seems good :thumbup: .

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Re: One Last Job

Don't worry. We have set our :monkey: 's to work making more. You should see them in a bit after three days :shifty: .
Image The results of logic, of natural progression? Boring! An expected result? Dull! An obvious next step? Pfui! Where is the fun in that? A dream may soothe, but our nightmares make us run!

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