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High Professor Ciirith walks into his half asleep class, and slams a gigantic dusty book onto his desk.
Sudden waking snores and yelps from the light of heart erupt, along with laughter of those who saw it coming.

"WAKE UP. You all have been chosen for your ability to LISTEN, and LEARN no? It is a privilege to be in my class, so act like it!"

"Now, open your holobooks to page 1719, in the History of Terra Volume 114"

He began to read aloud, while hologram in at the base of the amphitheater shaped classroom began to show what he read, this same projection came alive on every students desk through their holobook...

"Concerning the History of our Sacred Home, Terra:
Volume CXIV
by His Holiness Seriphtír XVII,
Written in the 439th year, of the 2nd Age, by reckoning of the Sanctí,
An account at the Height of the Great War
Chapter I, Summarized Histories of the Factions.

Long before we became as our Gods of old, traversing the infinite, and ruling the inferior, we were, inferior. There was a great war that decided our fate, and what we search for now.
In this time, there were the Sanctí, and the Vekzirtí.
Let us begin with the Vekzirtí.

Their story begins in darkness, the promised land, tortured and plagued with demons rampant. The Mighty's creations were enslaved by these demons, and hunted and killed for sport. These creations became a hard and dark people, slow to trust, quick to hate. After many years of such torture, a new power descended from above.
The Pletzkôra.
Lead by Veketren and Zirlor, these deities used their dark knowledge to enslave these demons, and rule over man. All men on the continent of promise came under Pletzkôral dominion. These already dark men, began to worship these deities. They lurked in dark sorcery and summoning. They fought any who defied the Pletzkôra with a madness, driven by fear. The more these men served the dark deities, the more they were given powers over darkness, and demons. But, do not think loyalty came freely to these deities, the Pletzkôra forced loyalty, reinforced with pain, and suffering. The Pletzkôra slowly dwindled, leaving to other affairs, unknown to us of Terra, but their influence remained.
Thus, the Vekzirtí were born, men who relented to Pletzkôral wrath, and fight out of fear of the promised return of the entire Pletzkôral race.
Out of the Vekzirtí, factions arose.

First, Galränt, the Indoctrinated. They descend from they who first worshiped the Pletzkôra, and thus have the most pungent powers of dark sorcery and summoning. So pungent, that corruption reeks through the land, infecting as it spreads.

Second, Laricktzor, the Mass. They conjure hatred to their hearts, and multiply for the sole purpose of creating an army that will please the Pletzkôra.

Third, Venætic, the Dark Majesty. They claim they are of the same descent of the people of Jærthir, even that their forefathers were brothers. The Venætic believe their forefather, Venæl, had his birthright stolen by his self righteous younger brother Jærth. Jærth was said to be babied, and would often blame wrong on Venæl, sometimes even sabotaging Venæls works, so that father would love him more. Thus Venæls parents gave Jærth his birthright, a blessing given to the family from The Mighty, that him of the birthright would inherit the land of promise.
They are mighty builders, and their great and terrible temples bring a shadowed majesty to the land."

The professor stopped, the students came out of their trance. They all leaned forward to look at why the High professor had halted.

"Ah," said the professor, satisfied with himself, seeing the hunger for knowledge in their eyes.

"So you do want to learn the history of the planet Terra hm?"

"Do any of you know why the Order of Terra has pursued space travel so relentlessly?" The professor asked, smiling, knowing that he was one of the few who knew the true purpose of the sudden explosion of space technology and exploration by the Order.

"We will continue then..."

"...Concerning our people, the Sanctí:
In the First age, we dwelt in our homeland of Thestia, which is many seas from here, the promised land. We were not alone. We were at war with many who wished to extinguish our light, and cover the land in darkness. Our foes surrounded us, and in our pride, we thought our borders were safe, and we were on the offensive. Our people had indeed grown prideful, for our God of Sanctity had blessed us with riches, and protection. Our armor was bright, silver and gold. Our banners high and wove like white fire in the wind. We thought ourselves impenetrable. But, our enemies had slipped in great number past our borders. We were on the brink of destruction, in complete ignorance. Our Holy God of Sanctity, in his infinite foresight, gave light to a new star. The Cílestar. This star was a sign to those who still followed the path of Theistí. Even as we fled, we saw our home destroyed. The High City in flames. Great was our mourning. But, we had a new hope, we were lead out of our homeland, by the Cílestar, to the great coast. There we built ships, and continued following the star. It took us across many lands, and many waters, until it rested upon this land, the land of promise. Thus the second age begun. Upon landing we saw we were not alone. For in the distance rose a mighty and dark structure. But before that begins, I must tell you of the factions of us the Sanctí.

First, are the Lithiri, the Council of Light. We are the Holy Faction of the Sanctí, we commit to serve the light of the Cílestí for life.

Second, the Nalron, our mighty Zealots. We call them at times of war to the defense of the faithful.

Third, the Jærthir, our architectural Syndicate. Those of any descent or class are accepted, as long as they are bright. They are mighty builders and inventors. Although they might not be the most zealous in their worship of the Cílestí, they accredit much of their ingenuity to them. They build our mighty temples, and wonders. Their people have been close to us since the first writings of the Sanctí. Their legend tells of the first kingdom of Terranians, while Terra was still whole. There were two brothers, Venæl and Jærth, of a family of builders. The Jærthir believe that Venæl was was wicked, and his birthright was given to Jærth because of his righteousness and kindness. The legend was thought to be only that, a legend, until the Jærthir and the Venætic encountered each other.
Both Sanctí and Vekzirtí now lay claim to this continent, by blessing of deity. To further tensions, the Jærthir, upon inspecting the darkly majestic temples at the beginning of the second age, mocked them. They boasted of their power to create such temples of light that would leave in shadow these horrid temples to their blasphemous deities. The Venætic were outraged, and thus the rivalry was evermore fueled."

The professor looked up, and announced, "I believe that is enough lore to give background to the great war. Skip to page 1837."

"...Chapter IV, Summary of War.
After tensions rose for 3 decades, a war began. This war has plagued us for more than 400 years now. But, we must inherit our promised land. In the beginning of the Great War, we pushed back the Vekzirtí far from our landing coast, for our numbers were far greater than that of their few and sparse strongholds at this distance from their home. We built, and multiplied in numbers. We purged shadow wherever we found it, with great fire and light. We purged many villages of the corruption that is Advei. The twisted religion of the Vekzirtí. In the name of our God of Sanctity, and the many Cílestí, we ended the tormented lives of thousands. We converted thousands more to the light. Great battles arose, in the middle jungles, forests, deserts, mountains and hills between our coast of arrival, and the deep homeland of the Vekzirtí. You will read more about the war of the factions, in the next chapters, but I remind you, and myself as well, that this is just a summarizing chapter of the wars. Our Seriphir warriors, and Cígathür Guard fought valiantly, winning many victories. With great sadness, I confess that thought we brought many to the light, some of the Sanctí, fell to darkness, and would follow the dark path of Advei, rather than the lighted path to home, the way of Theistí. The Vekzirtí won battles as well, with their many Rhudatz (Raiders) and Vengzilic Warlords. Many more faction battles and warriors could I speak of, but, the war rages on, and battles are waging with increasing numbers.

Chapter V, the Arrival.
In the 400th year of the second age, a strange new people arrived from the South. The Ajörnvé. (The Allowed)
They came without Gods, but with a pride of being free. They said that they came from a far away land, on warm glades and valleys. Mighty grasslands and forests as far as one could see in all directions. Being close to forests, but not too close to mountains of stone, they became excellent craftsmen of wood. They are innovative and adaptive with what they have. Their many clans came together from these lands, and created a new government, blasphemy to us Sanctí and Vekzirtí. A 'Republic'. Their deity is 'Liberty'. But, they were driven out of their home by strange and mysterious armies out of the Western Deserts, so they fled North and East, across a mighty sea, but being great craftsmen, built many sturdy boats for their people, and had a swift journey until they came upon this land. They began making their way inland, until they witnessed before them a mighty battle raging, between men in silver and gold, with white banners, fighting men in dark steel, with banners of deep crimson and black. They saw something even stranger. For magic was not known unto them, for they had not had deities to give them such power. They saw much destruction..."

"I think that is enough background knowledge for you students. We will soon arrive in the Order Sector." Announced the professor.

"It is ruled largely by a council of Sanctí, that we just talked about-"

"What makes them so special?" A student yelled.

"You will wait to be CALLED UPON NEXT TIME MR. ORTHYK." Snapped the professor.

"But, it is a good question," said the professor as he smoothed his suit.

"They are one of the few who have many valid detailed accounts of deities. Now many of you are thinking that your people and religion tell of deities yes. But, the combined records of the Sanctí, the Vekzirtí, and the before Godless Ajörnvé, all bearing witness to strange and explainable things concerning Gods raises questions. We now question who these deities were."

"But you never told us of any accounts by the Ajörnvé!" Interjected a student.

"Oh! Did I not? I had nearly forgotten. The Ajörnvé witnessed things most strange, during the many battles they participated in, on both sides. They bare record of destroying angels, or delivering angels depending on perspective, descending from the Heavens, in mighty arrays of light, laying waste to Vekzirtí armies. They also bore record of strange demons being unleashed upon the armies of the Sanctí. Sometimes even minor deity 'Pletzkôra' themselves seen walking among armies, corrupting and laying waste." Professor Ciirith stated.

One student spoke up, "How does that apply to why we are jumping to Order Space, and the planet Terra?" This was commended and agreed with by many nods from other students.

The professor chuckled to himself, pleased with his own intelligence. "Well, obviously, these deities must have been space faring species. They were meddling in the affairs of an inferior species. This is why the Order has suddenly become very space oriented. They are sending exploration ships to every corner of the galaxy looking for their Cílestí and Pletzkôra."

The professor then turned very serious, and began in a hushed tone, "But, I think the Order is looking in the wrong places."

Re: Terra

Not a bad opening. The narration seems a bit jerky at times, but overall it is a good start :thumbup: .


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