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In-game LT newsfeeds

I thought this would be an interesting premise for a creative writing prompt. posting a news feed about the events of the various systems which may or may not exist on release of LT :think: but will most likely be possibilities none-the-less.
I'll likely post a few using a program located in the, oh, let's say System RV-33-M2. ;)

hope to see others use this thread.

Re: In-game LT newsfeeds

Strange, I thought this was already proposed awhile back. But since it hasn't, I will wholeheartedly give this a +10 on this idea. :thumbup:

Also, welcome to the forums! :wave:
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Re: In-game LT newsfeeds

Excerpt from "The Frequency", a news projection located near Candor in System RV-33-M2
...In more pertinent matters, Viritium prices have sky rocketed due to the mineral's inaccessibility. Candor's Viritium fields, also referred to as "The Viens", have been vacant zones for the entirety of their use as a form of income for Candor and it's Citizens. Candor has become a thriving colony because. Recently, however, a large Faction has set up a base near the center of The Veins, preventing anyone from approaching the Viritium-rich asteroids. Multiple Companies, including Candor's most lucritave company, Baronius, have issued large rewards to anyone willing to dismantle the Faction's base and drive the criminals out of the System completely. The Negotiations the Counsel has been attempting are still being met with silence. The planetary enforcers have advised all miners and traders to be cautious around the Veins and to resort to smaller ships for their own safety if they plan to mine the Asteroids. This has been your planetary news from you favorite station, the frequency.
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