Lost to Time

It is a terrible realization, knowing that you will live forever. Maybe live isn't the word for it. Exist would be better. It helps you appreciate, though, the mind. That it is capable of replaying an entire existence... well the dynamic portions anyway, in a single moment. A single moment. One long, eternal, single, moment. Also under appreciated, the amount that CAN be appreciated in one moment.

It is infinite it seems. An infinite amount of information can be relayed in a single moment. I guess that is really the whole idea though. Faster than light travel. Instantaneous transfer from one point to another. You have to deal in infinite quantities to do this stuff. Only you never really come out the other side. You never really catch the limit. Oh, sure, in theory you do. But you don't, really.

I realize now that I will be stuck here for eternity. an infinite stretch of time. A smaller infinity for sure. Small consolation. Theoretically I will at some infinitely distant point in time emerge in Alpha Centauri. But it isn't infinitely distant. It's finite. I know exactly where I'm going. I even know what time I will get there. Now, in fact.

In a few seconds, I will re-calibrate my drive, re-orient back to Earth, and jump again. I'll go home and tell all the news cameras what an exciting thing it is to be the first man to go to another solar system. It'll be great. I just have to wait here first. Forever.
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