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The 4th Law of Robotics

"It's really kinda pathetic, really, when you think about it." Ander said. "I mean, seriously, is it really a law of robotics or just a law of... good business?"

Rob replied distractedly, furiously typing code into the up-link attached to the disabled Serv-'em robot in front of him. "You're not wrong. And from an idealistic standpoint, you're entirely right, but it is necessary. It needs to become the fourth law."

"Asimov never thought of this one. Asimov never used Microsoft either... Yeah, I guess it is necessary. Still kinda pathetic though."

Rob stopped typing, leaned back and stretched his hands. "On the bright side, this could cover a few other loopholes in robotic behavior, besides it's obvious application." "Yeah, but it'll create more conflicts too. We'll have to come up with a new logic and prioritization tree to fix that." Rob spun around in his chair to face Ander. "I think that's your job. I'm just integrating the law into the basic process trees."

Ander glanced at his work station, then shuddered at the thought of how the new law would disrupt the already contradictory terms of the original three laws. "You also need to finish that essay." Rob said, as he began typing again. "This will need to catch on in the scientific community. I think people will relish the idea, but it needs official backing."

"Yeah. I guess I'll start on that now." Ander sat down at his workstation, pulled up Word, and started typing. He imagined the potential benefit of a world of robotics freed from the constant strain and abuse of forced updates, developer constraints, in a world where critical updates were pushed out monthly and thousand dollar licenses were needed to register third party software and apps.

The top of the page now read. "The Fourth Law of Robotics" then under, "The fourth law is simple, and it is this: no robot nor computer shall ever perform an operation which it's owner does not desire it to."
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