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Short (Short!) Fiction Contest

So, we have a lot of talented writers on the forums, and for a while I've been thinking about an activity we could try out.

Essentially it would be a short story competition with a very small word limit (I was thinking maybe around 300 words).

I would post a vague topic to inspire entries - likely something space-themed - and we could set a time limit for submissions (I wouldn't want it to run longer than a couple of weeks).

At the end of the submission period we'd post a poll (maybe with the proviso you shouldn't vote for your own story), and everyone could vote on who they thought wrote the best story. Winners would receive valuable bragging rights.

The idea is essentially to give people a chance to practice their writing skills. 300 words is not a lot, which means it wouldn't take long to write up a submission, and it shouldn't take long to read them all either. The constraints should hopefully also encourage people to be creative if they want to tell their story effectively within the limits.

Anyway, this is just a post to see if there's any interest for this out there on the forums. If it seems to be a popular idea, we could maybe even start running them regularly.

Let me know what you all think.

Cheers, :wave:
- The Snark Knight

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Re: Short (Short!) Fiction Contest

A dark crescent moved across the surface of the gas giant through the viewport behind the Admiral. The Fortress fell into the shadow of the methane filled moon that housed the only activity in the system, lights flaring up to illuminate secondary docking arms.

The Admiral didn't even look up from his holopaper. Initially spectacular, the swirling storms and Fortress Warstation had become nothing more than an animated wallpaper.

Across his grown cellulose desk, a warning light periodically flashed. He ignored it. Whatever the emergency was, it would wait. He cast it from his mind and kept his attention fixed on the text.

The lights in his cabin flickered. Then they turned red. A shudder flexed the deck beneath his feet. Wailing sirens tried and failed to pierce his concentration.

Without even a knock, the door to his ready room burst open. A young Lieutenant, breathless stormed in. "Admiral."

The Admiral raised a finger, demanding pause.

"But Admiral, the main array is gone, and there are multiple in...."

"One moment." The admiral radiated calm.

He glanced down. So, a short story competition. Yes. Yes. I will enter.

"Now, Squirrel. What seems to be the problem?"

Re: Short (Short!) Fiction Contest

Awesome. I'll post the actual competition thread in a day or two, and we'll let it run for a fortnight, see how many submissions we get. I think it'll be really fun. :thumbup:

As for non-English submissions, to be honest I hadn't considered it, just because the forums are run in English. I don't see why not, though, if that's where your muse takes you - Go for it. :think: :thumbup:
- The Snark Knight

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Re: Short (Short!) Fiction Contest

Nothing wrong with a starship made out of wood ;) , (though if I was going to be pedantic... shear -> sheer, and adse -> adze :oops: ).

As for multiple submissions, I've got no problem with it at all :thumbup:. If we get enough submissions to overfill a poll though, I might ask you to pick your favourite to go to voting.

Anyway, that's some great writing guys, I enjoyed them immensely!
- The Snark Knight

"Look upward, and share the wonders I've seen."

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