What Is Your Purpose?

This is a story of the battle of a forgotten planet. Told by both sides of the coin.

I entered this world, this galaxy, at a crucial time. War was spread across every planet I learned about, all but ours. Alas, violence always resides within a human, and it can go from a calm stillness to a boiling fury in almost an instant. Thus, our home was thrown into this turmoil, and we watched as things only became worse for us. From bickering amongst governments to riots amongst civilizations came the spark that ignited a horrific fire, one that would consume half of our people. Yet, even with such a huge cripple to the planet, we picked up our weapons and shed as much bloodshed as we could before we ourselves bled out. I couldn't understand at that time, I just did what everyone said was right. Then again, everyone that I met said their causes were the right ones.

The human population on the planet XI179z-46 was immense, and I am surprised that not one of those human beings had the thought of naming our planet something. I suppose it was because they were too busy naming every land they took over, and trying to remember the names of every human lost when they attempted to capture it. I forgot how I got into the war, but I remember the recruitment officers that flooded every city. I avoided them as best as possible, but it seems they somehow managed to grab me.

I was given everything I needed to kill my fellow human beings. I did so without remorse, pity, or sorrow. It was what needed to be done, right? Kill or be killed.

We wept when we heard the sirens, the screams of dying families, and the whistle of artillery falling around us. There was a brief silence, which we thought was because they had to reload their cannons, but were proven wrong when we heard the eruption of missiles crashing through the atmosphere. The enemy had left, abandoning their weapons and running for their lives. We only had moments of brief grievance before the first missile struck.

"District 71 has been terminated, Admiral!" The soldier saluted as he said this, his stoic face staring directly forward, not daring to look his superior in the eyes. The Admiral slowly rose from his seat and looked out at the burning remnant of a planet.

"Oh? Is that so? Well then..." With a mere gesture towards the planet, he said, "Target District 56 and begin bombardment."

"Understood, right away sir!" The soldier turned sharply and walked back to the main artillery batteries, repeating the same message to all of the men operating them: "District 71 eliminated, set artillery to District 56 and begin firing. Ignore all attempts to call for peace." Walking back to the main deck for a quick break, he stopped halfway through his swift pace to inspect a large gathering at one of the many windows viewing the planet. The men and women stood there and watched the planet slowly transform into swiss cheese from the many battle cruisers firing down upon it. He cleared his throat loudly, and everyone turned to look at him.

"Enough of this, you knew it was coming. This was our purpose as humans. To kill one another until we become extinct. I know this is hard for you, but I do my part in these massacres only to fulfill that purpose. Now back to your work, all of you!" He saluted them sharply and then headed for the cafeteria, his stomach feeling quite odd.

After unloading his guts into the toilet for the eighth time, he realized that maybe, just maybe, his purpose was not what he believed it was.

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