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Re: The limerick challenge

Ahem. To, you know, compensate for the recent lack of limericks.

Updates from enchanted procedural lands
Brought us things of beauty and started the madness;
With booty in mind and the blood on our hands
We're leaving behind all compassion and sadness.

Economy's ready! Well, almost; you know
I don't give a **** there's still no production;
My weapons are ready, and transports are slow
And belong to some evil and corporate faction.

We aren't just some pirates; we're brothers in arms
We take from the rich and then spend it on drinking
And women so fallen and vile that their charms
Make saints rethink what they're usually thinking.

We pray Thee, o Josh! One who made all Creation,
Release bloody game! Let us roam 3D seas!
We'll look at the world with the true admiration
And ravage the merchants with pleasure and ease.

We'll outfit ships with the gear we've procured;
We'll do some research and we'll do some exploring
We'll carry the stories of things we've endured
And gladly forget all the bits that were boring.

But ho! Have I really said bloody word?
No time to be bored when the booty is waiting!
I've blasphemed! Oh no! In the nearest spaceport
I'll give praise to Josh for the world he's creating!

I'll crash the stock market! I'll post crazy jobs
I'll set prices too high and destroy local factions
And when poor unemployed NPC mobs
Will plead on their knees for some meaningful actions

I'll tell them: praise Josh! For he made the world so,
And that will be good; and my doubts be forgiven
I'll get to my ship, and again I shall go
In search of all that is economy-driven.

The booty is waiting! My weapons are primed!
Reflexes are sharp and well-honed is my shooting;
With mining set up and the regions defined,
There will be no end to enjoyable looting!
Survivor of the Josh Parnell Blackout of 2015.

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