It's an odd feeling at first.
You can never shake it off, it sticks to you uncomfortably.
You'll adapt in time, but it takes time.
I'm impatient.

A whole planet. Claimed for the... No, for MY faction. The feeling is so sweet, and yet, there's still a lingering bitterness. The trouble went through to get it, and the trouble to maintain a grasp on it. It's tough work. Even with all the fighters, frigates, cruisers, and warships orbiting it, I'm still getting reports that enemy factions have slipped through our defenses. Smugglers, mercenaries, the occasional contract killer. Nothing too bad, I guess. Yet somehow, I'M the one with all the paperwork to sign. There are times I regret taking over a faction as large as this.

I stop typing for the moment and look up. Well, it's not so bad. My top men are at desks not far from me, typing, printing, mailing, and calling. They must have it bad as well. I push back my computer and lean over my desk, idly messing around with the pen I got from an old relative. Cheap, but still nice. It had little flames on it. As I'm about to get up, I hear a distinct *CLINK* That is the sound of a laser pistol's safety clicking off. I sit back down and get to work. My secretary, Seto, resets the safety on his pistol. The men at the desks stop and look at him, but are instantly back to work with a single glare from him.

"How much work have you done?" He asks with a small glance.

"Two thirds of the way through," I sigh, rubbing my temples.

"What are you on now?"

"Apology letter to a Captain Peterson about a failure in the new emergency engine boost system."

He raises an eyebrow suspiciously, but smiles, "Finish that and then take a break." He shoots a sharp glance at the desks near him and adds, "You lot have ten more minutes."

I chuckle and finish up the report without much effort. That's really all we do, apologize, tell people whatever happened won't happen again, then proceed to forget about the matter completely. Harsh, yes, but when you've got this many papers stacked high, you don't regret making that decision. I toss anything I deem noteworthy into my folder, straighten out my papers, then get up slowly. Two years of sitting on this chair does terrible things to your back. I need a new one. I put on my hat and nod to Seto. He salutes, then casts a terrifying glare at the desks, causing all the men to stand in perfect salutes, then promptly get back to work. I head towards the elevator, nodding to the men who salute to me as I pass by. I enter the elevator and look at the vast city before me.

It's different.

I like it.

(Hallo all! Been too long! Sorry, but work called, and I answered. Got a nice little fortune now, so hard work has triumphed! This is a continuation of my previous series. Sorry it's short, but I've gotten busy. I'll be back though! Happy whatevers I missed!)
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