Seconds to oblivion

The situation was quite desperate. For Battlefleet Invicta, conquering the system was proving to be quite a challenge, as the enemy forces outnumbered them five to one. Aeturnum Invicta Rex, the massive flagship of Battlefleet Invicta, faced the fire of ten frigates, seven destroyers, two cruisers, and one battleship at the same time.

"Maximize shield output, and get whatever we can spare into weapons!" yelled Captain Fores. "Get shields beta and omega back online as well, or else we won't survive another attack!"

Simultaneously, four nearby friendly ships blew out in large blasts as torpedoes slammed into their hulls, causing catastrophic explosions.

"Sir, we've lost four escorting frigates, but our weapons are ready. Permission to fire?" the first officer said.

"Fire at will!" commanded Fores.

Lasers, torpedoes, artillery shells, and other sorts of ordinance raced towards the enemy fleet. Explosions ripped through the harassing forces, destroying a few ships. The enemies returned fire. Rex's shields took a gigantic beating before completely failing to the determined attack. The remaining ordinance smashed into Rex's hull, causing the lights on the ship to shut down for a moment.

"Status report!" demanded Fores after the lights came back on.

"We lost a couple of torpedo launchers, as well as a few secondary batteries. Engines four through seven have been destroyed. Our shields have been completely blown out and require charging," the first officer responded.

"Sir, I have detected large amounts of energy coming from the opposing battleship. I believe that they are about to fire their main energy cannon," the detection officer announced.

"Turn towards the fleet. Full power to the prow battle cannon! Fire at the battleship when fully charged!" commanded Fores.

A tension-filled minute passed in silence. Suddenly, a bright light emitted from the enemy battleship.

"They're firing!" the detection officer yelled.

"Firing prow battle cannon!" an intercom from gunnery announced.

A slender beam of light shot out from Rex towards the enemy battleship. The battleship's shields blew out in a gigantic blue explosion. The energy built up in the battleship's energy cannon became unstable. The resulting explosion tore the battleship into pieces, annihilating ten ships around it. The men on the bridge of the massive Aeturnum Invicta Rex cheered as they watched the explosion. The remaining ships began to turn and retreat.

"This battle has been difficult, but this has just shown that the battle can be won! I want a full advance on the system! Leave no opposition behind!" yelled Fores.

Battlefleet Invicta charged ahead, inspired by the bright blue explosion.

Notes: I have to admit that this was a bit cheesy. This is probably the first short story that I have written in about a year. Well, I hope you liked it!
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