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Re: The End

Josh... do not lose hope!
I've been lurking in these forums for the past 5 years, reading this and that every once in a while, to remind myself of a beautiful dream... your dream, Josh. It was and still is exceptional.
You've made miracles happen, we've all seen it time and time again. Your constant desire to achieve more and more was an inspiration! Yet, you were never satisfied with what you achieved and that seems to have led you on a downwards spiral.

Limit Theory seemed like a functioning game back when you released the development updates videos and it has grown tremendously since!

Re: The End

Ah, I read this announcement with such sadness...

Everybody's already said it much better than I ever could. Josh, I salute you. LT was a great dream, and you put everything you had into realizing it, but real life and personal happiness are way, way more important.

Community - I salute you too. I was only ever a lurker, but it's been fascinating to read the erudite discussions on so many different topics over the past few years. I didn't expect to still be lurking, but here I am, popping out of the shadows again to say hi, and thanks...


Re: The End

I wanted to post so many wonderful and heart-felt words of encouragement but I could never find the perfect ones to say. :(

I just want to buy the guy some delicious food and have lunch with him. Maybe ask him if he'd play some Terraria with me.

You just don't do that sort of stuff with someone you're mad at.
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Re: The End

I kind of expected this to be honest. While Josh has talent and dedication in spades, he is low on project management skills, and on making realistic assessments. He's kind of a kindred soul to myself in that regard, which made it very interesting to me personally to see if he could actually pull this off in spite of his limitations. I always suspected he would likely fail, or at the very least be forced to scale down and deliver something far less grandiose than originally intended. Because that's how overly grandiose projects always end up for me!

Taking on a, expansive project like this solo is incredibly taxing on mental resources and stamina. And I think it must have been very difficult to manage the psychological pressure to deliver, after bringing outsiders on board and promising them the sun and the moon. Having an online community follow your work is great for building hype until release, but it's also murder on the soul...

Anyway, if Josh releases his source code I'm sure someone will make a solid open source engine out of it. I'm happy for Josh making a final decision, so he can move on with his life, instead of being stuck with a crashed dream. Life is just a string of learning experiences anyway, so this outcome is fine too!

Best of luck Josh, and thanks for the "entertainment" of letting us follow your struggles!

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