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Re: The End

Following Limit Theory has been a blast, I've lurked these forums and loved every minute of it. I certainly wish you the best in your endeavors Josh. I do hope the community continues to thrive and maybe something will come with time from the released code. That would be quite groovy. Cheers!

Re: The End

Skipping most of the thread as I just read your post.

No-one can say that you quit to early or that you never gave it your all.
But don't for a second believe that this has been a waste for you, because in building this game, you've picked up a tremendous amount of skill and experience that won't be lost for whatever future endeavour you will undertake.

In my time here I've seen your character undergo tremendous growth and development, and if I'm sad to see the finality of your decision, it is only because I believe that if you are not capable of carrying out your dream today, there will come a time when you are.

I doubt that anyone hiring will have had many applicants who decided to learn machine code to get a little extra out of their creation. Let alone managed to overcome hardship and continue more than once.

In your quest for perfectionism, you may have lost sight of the compromise, I believe that your team was a good counterweight to that impulse and I wonder if you would have come to this if you had been capable of keeping them on. You didn't want to fund raise after the inititial campaign, but I've long regretted not being able to donate to help you keep going. Perhaps in the future you will bear that in mind.

Let this sit somewhere for you while you take some time to re-orient yourself, I'm not saying you made a rash decision, but rather so that it can inspire you in the future.

I also hope that at some point you will re-read all your devlogs, because it will remind your of what you have accomplished.

You can't work on something if you don't enjoy it and expect it to be high quality, continuing now would be counter-productive.

Work on something else, something small and be amazed at how much easier it is to do something today than it was for you six years ago.
Something small will prove to yourself that you can create and deliver, which must be a great source of anxiety for you.

But you did deliver, maybe not a finished product, but take a look, and realise what you did was not nothing.

I will join the chorus of this thread with my salutation

Thank you for all your effort and inspiration.

Re: The End

Josh, thank you for the years of fascinating articles. Although I missed the Kickstarter, I feel I owe you at least that much for sharing your experiences.

As a developer in a mundane business/IT company, I feel like I took the easy way out. Six years ago I graduated from school, and accepted a well paying but unexciting corporate job. I left my dreams of game development behind in exchange for stability.

You are much braver than me. At the same time I was giving up on a dream, you were setting out on this journey. No matter your feelings at this moment, I hope you don't regret this choice. You've experienced so much more than I, learned more about yourself, and pushed your own limits to the breaking point and beyond.

While this may feel like a crushing defeat, I think that's the wrong way to look at it. Life is not a series of battles where you win or lose - instead it's a long winding path through the landscape of our experiences.

People who travel through life without striving for any great goals walk a short way through a barren plain. At the end, they will look back and see little of note.

You have pursued Limit Theory for years, with incredible persistence and grit. You will look back on your life and see a long path stretching through soaring mountain passes, high meadows, and deep forests. You have lived more in the past six years than many.

Remember, this is not the end. It's just another milestone in your journey. You may not feel it, but life goes on, and you've learned so much in the past six years. I hope in another six you'll look back on this time with some perspective, appreciating that the adversity made you a stronger and more complete person.

Re: The End

Why am i so sad after reading that? I didnt even pledge on KS.

I sincerly hope that this was the right choice for you.

Thank you for all your effort. And as far as i am concerned, there is nothing that needs to be forgiven.

And thank you for hosting this interesting place that has been a regular visit to this lurker for the last 4 years.
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Re: The End

I also was a week or two too late to invest in the Kickstarter, and even with the knowledge that it would end like this, I would 100% still have invested, given the chance.

I'm looking forward to seeing what Josh is up to next, after he takes a nice long break to rest his mind and accept that he's created something amazing, even if that wasn't a completed game.

I'm pretty excited for the source code, are we going to set up an area to showcase projects made with the LT Engine?


Re: The End

Josh, I can only speak for myself. Thank you for trying to bring a game with seemingly insurmountable complexity to life. Don't look at it as a failure. Look at all the things learned from it. Your skillset has improved without a doubt. The past years also have shown - to yourself more than to anyone else I would assume - where your strengths and weaknesses are. Within this knowlegde lies huge potential for your future. All the best and thanks for your endless efforts.
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Re: The End

Another long time lurker here, also missed the kickstarter, was lurking since the early days of the dev vlogs and i just wanted to say that josh's enthusiasm for the game and programming it, was such a motivator for me that it was the thing that most encouraged me to get my shit together, go to univserity and do computer science! Im now currently employed as a junior developer at a small company and have started making my own game that I hope to finish some day. Not to sound too over the top about this but i really dont think i'd be where i am today if it wasnt for josh's remarkable endeavour for better or for worse. Seeing how this game has been such a rollacoaster and learning how hard it must be to complete somthing of such a magnitude almost entirely by himself, im really flawed by how much hes been able to accomplish.

I honestly hope people smarter than me will be able to take this source code release and help create the game josh always imagined it would be (more or less :angel: ) and I'll certainly try to learn what i cant to help in some small way. I wish josh all the best and if he reads this, try not to feel to heart broken, the perfect space sim will be finished by someone, eventually, and you'll be releasing code that will give those people a 6 year head start at doing it :clap:

Re: The End

Hey Josh.

This is 100% a decision that you get to make, and I think you've made a really good decision. You have put so much into the project and we've enjoyed seeing your work! Thank you for the voyage.

PS: Please do include a copyright license when you release the source!

Re: The End

Been following for a while, but just registered to say this.

It's just a game, dude. I know you feel personally accountable to your backers, but people backing on KS know there is risk involved.

It's not worth your health/piece of mind/financial well-being.

I hope you can move past this and don't let it bring you down.

Best wishes, man.

Re: The End

No game is worth anyone's life.

This is not a surprise but it's good that Josh was brave enough to take responsibility and bring a formal conclusion to it.

From my perspective, it wasn't really a matter of money but rather inexperience and unbridled ambition to make the best game ever for an impossibly demanding imaginary audience. Perhaps things would've panned out better if he had reined in LT's scope and refrained from pushing himself so hard. He had the most draconian boss.

Now, this isn't really a defeat, and in hindsight he might see it as but a bump in the road, a few years down the line. It was a journey of enlightenment, and I'm sure he came out of the hardship wiser, more experienced and more skilled, traits which are bound to open many doors to him in life, professionally and beyond.

It may seem like The End now, but it's only the beginning of something else.

Godspeed, Josh Parnell.

Re: The End

Hi Josh, I just wanted to say thank you for everything you have done. I understand how hard it is to let go after so many years. Either way you have been an inspiration to us all. I am pleased you are going to release the source code. I am myself a developer (been developing for 36 years since I was eight years old). I would love some of us in this forum to team up together and help finalize your dream and would love you to put your personal feedback as things go on.

As soon as you do release source code I can see many people will fork the code and do their own
Implementation, but would like to see going forward an official fork with your seal of approval.

Some details about myself

Ex Uk now living in Vancouver
VR and AR
Objective c
Some lua
Web Assembly
Cross platform Linux/Mac/PC/Web

Please don’t think of this as your dream coming to an end but a transition on getting your dream completed.

If anyone else is interested please get in contact.

Re: The End

I did not cry within the last 5 years, but this letter made me.

Not because LT won't be released but rather you had so much pain on your journey the last few years.
I wish you the best and hope that you will stay here at the forum . Now there is no pressure to post anything - perhaps we'll hear more frequently from you.

For me you are still kinda like a hero.

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