Limit Theory Feature List

This thread states the current "Limit Theory Feature List" as we currently understand it: What will be in the game, what might be in the game, and what won't be in the game. This should help answer many questions on what will be in LT, and what's getting trimmed. Comments, questions, and discussion should go in the LT Feature List Discussion Thread.

This list is 100% official; everything here is direct from Josh.
(Even though I'm the one organizing it.)

Note: Contents are subject to change. I'll keep this updated as necessary.
This list is up-to-date as of May 24th, 2018.
Colored entries represent items that were promised at or during the Kickstarter.

Will be in Limit Theory 1.0:
  • Technical:
    • Windows support
    • Linux support
    • Super hi-res display settings
    • Joystick and controller support
    • VR support
    • Powerful modding capabilities
    • Advanced game customization controls
    • Release on Steam
    • Release on GOG
  • Core game:
    • Dynamic lighting
    • Music and sound (some sound optional for those that want silent space)
    • Visible damage on ships (beyond health bars)
    • In-game ship/station editor, with ability to import/export designs
    • Ability to name assets
    • Customizable UI
  • Basic gameplay elements:
    • Infinite universe
      • Procedurally-generated history per universe
      • System maps (local and global)
      • Warp rails
    • AI
      • Ship AI that can mine/trade/explore
      • Unique-per-NPC AI (each NPC is its own "person")
      • "Leader" AI (CEO-types)
    • Ships:
      • Shield and armor systems (instead of pure HP)
      • Custom ship outfitting (weapon/armor/shield hardpoints)
      • Carriers
      • Fleet formations
      • Combat and mining drones
      • Automated turrets (that aim and fire automatically)
    • Space stations and associated docking
      • Player-owned space stations
      • Player-constructed space stations
      • Asteroid bases
      • Ability to control weapon fire from an owned space station
    • Colonies on planets
      • Non-seamless planetary landings
    • Graphical:
      • Planetary rings
      • Ice fields
      • Post-destruction debris
  • Gameplay mechanics:
    • Research
    • Tactical dogfighting and associated AI
    • Large-scale conflicts that change the LT universe
    • Pirates
    • Colonies have "personalities" based on factions and locale
    • Law enforcement
    • Wormholes and associated mechanics
    • Real market systems
      • Information as a tradable commodity
    • Ship-based:
      • Ship power distribution and management
      • Destructible subsystems
      • Stealth mechanics
      • Scanner mechanics
      • Mining drones and extended mining mechanics
    • Industrial production lines (factories to produce ship parts/ammo/trade goods from raw materials, ore refineries, etc.)
      • Player-owned station/ship-based production chains (Projects)
    • Fleets:
      • Fleet command, from "follow me" to RTS-cam mode
      • Owned fleet operations: trading, mining, missions
    • Factions
      • Reputation system
      • Player faction creation and management
    • Mission systems of all types, combat/trading/exploration
      • Ability for player to post missions for NPCs

May or may not be in Limit Theory 1.0:
  • Core game:
    • Dynamic shadows
    • Gas giants
    • Planet's surface lights visible from space
    • Procedural character backstory (depends on character creation mechanic)
  • Basic gameplay elements:
    • Ingame news console at stations
    • Alien/ancient artifacts/relics/ruins/wrecks
    • Ancient battlefield "asteroid fields"
    • The ability to alter a ship's basic design after initial building
    • Unguided, unpowered bombs
    • Fixed weapons (such as spinal/broadside cannons)
    • External carrier landings (landing on an upper deck)
    • The ability to fly "beneath" shields to attack directly
  • Gameplay mechanics:
    • Bounty system (likely)
    • Optional permadeath mode with recycled universe (likely)
    • Colony creation, ownership, and management
    • Tracking of discoveries (Discovery journal/log)
    • Illegal goods
    • Terraforming
    • Warp rails as non-ship cargo transfer lines
    • Sandbox mode

Will not be in Limit Theory 1.0, but may be added post-release:
  • OS X support - according to Josh, it is extremely difficult to support the game on this operating system, but he may try to tackle it post-release and release an OS X version later.
  • Mobile stations
  • Player modification of colony productions (new buildings on colonies, etc.)
  • Warp node disruption for warp rails
  • Player-constructed warp rails
  • Pareidolic icons as ship communication avatars
  • True civilian ships/factions/planetary evacuation
  • Management of planetary governments and politics
  • Crew management
  • Orbital bombardment

We have no plans to implement the following, although players may be able to mod them in:
  • Moddable:
    • Multiplayer
    • Procedural languages/scripts
    • Megastructure backgrounds in systems (a system inside a dyson sphere for instance)
    • The ability to travel between stars with normal flight
    • Ramming mechanic
    • Minefields
    • Space whales
    • Multiple currencies
    • Towing cargo/other ships with tractor beams
    • Realistically-sized systems
    • Organic/alien vessels and stations
    • The ability to create self-replicating ships
    • Planetary destruction (planetglassers and planetbusters) (only moddable to a point)
    • Advanced hit systems (damaged systems half-function and can fix themselves, etc.)
    • Boarding/salvage operations ala Homeworld
    • Voice acting
  • Not moddable:
    • Seamless planetary transitions
    • Steam achievements
    • First person infantry-style gameplay

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