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Re: Welcome Talvieno, Official Limit Theory Community Manage

Talvieno wrote:Thanks, guys! :D I'll certainly do my best.

As to forum color: I wasn't sure it was a good idea to remove myself from "Moderator Green", or to take on "Josh Red". If people think it's a good idea for me to switch colors for increased visibility, though, I'm open to considering it.
I "downgraded" myself to green so I don't have to watch my mouth as much. =)

Pick whatever works for you.
There is no "I" in Tea. That would be gross.

Re: Welcome Talvieno, Official Limit Theory Community Manage

Talvieno wrote:why purple, of all colors?
My reasoning: close to Josh's God Mode red (but different to avoid confusion), and distinct from other non-paid people.

Talvieno - you are now LT "staff". You are officially on the payroll, and that means that you will, by definition, speak with more authority. Equally, by necessity, you will be less able to simply "speculate" (although there's not reason you won't be able to do that as long as you clearly indicate it as such), but that's going to be the case regardless of the colour of your badge. These things combined mean the things you say are almost as important as Josh. Again, badge colour won't change that, it's a fact of the position.

Badge colour does help new forum members to distinguish someone who is actual staff, and is therefore beholden to the restrictions (no speculation) and benefits (knows actual real things) that brings, from (no doubt well meaning) moderators who are not. When Gazz says "space pigeons are totally a thing" we know that that doesn't necessarily have to be true. When you say it though, we will naturally assume you've based that on something known to LT staff.
Damocles wrote:Talvieno (CM)
Yeah this. Or something close.

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