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Re: The Full Story -- Now Available on KS!

Hey Josh!

I kinda lurk on the forums here from time to time, just a part-time space game enthusiast and full time computer science student. It's glad to see that you're ok and keeping a positive attitude towards this whole thing! I have definitely been in a similar situation (in regards to hitting walls and the bottom etc) so I know how tough it can be to pull yourself up. Just wanted to comment and say that I am glad that you are alright and that things are moving forward (even at a snails pace is a good thing) -- You have my support! Keep well.

Ps. The screens look awesomeeeeeee
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Re: The Full Story -- Now Available on KS!

:lol: So you do like Minions, Josh. Awesome!

Thank you for a near perfect update, coding warrior. I love your new office and the surroundings. It's just what you needed. :D :D

We of the LT Community expect you to fulfil your promised quota of interaction time here on the forums. Please don't be a stranger in your own garden of serenity. :angel:

Re: The Full Story -- Now Available on KS!

Much love and kudos Josh. It looks like you have a really neat office set up and hopefully it will give you the break between working and living. Love the picture wall of LT goodness, a nice "little" (yeah right!) something to keep us going.

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