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Re: The Beginning of the Golden Days!

Victor Tombs wrote:
IronDuke wrote:I sense Idunno will arrive soon with his homemade explosives to aid me... :twisted:
:shifty: I've heard he's improved the formula, IronDuke. ;) :angel:
Things I've learned.

1. Ice-baths are important. :angel:
2. If its been in solution for more then 30 minutes, you might want to use a stick to pull it out. :shh:
3. TNT can be made with the creative application of paint thinner. :twisted:
4. The approximate number of goats needed to keep the population stable, and keep my hands intact. :ugeek:

Victor Tombs wrote:Do I owe you an apology concerning your gender, Idunno?
I am a mechanical monster designed to spit fire and fury in the general direction of the other guys. :twisted:

If I'm lucky, I even hit some of them. :ghost:
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Re: The Beginning of the Golden Days!

I actually kind of have to concur with cruisin here, the fact that you guys seem to keep getting into roundabout back and forths in this particular Category and thread can easily lead people to believe that there is actually something worth looking at here and not just people randomly talking back and forth. Especially in the context of people who subscribe to this category as well as the dev news and dev logs categories, they subscribe because they want to hear from Josh and at this point if Josh did post they wouldn't know because it would be swallowed up by everyone else randomly going back and forward.

As much as I don't know how Josh would feel about it I would almost suggest that the thread be locked as there really isn't any further relevant discussion that can take place in it. I am not trying to be an ass because I have literally zero problem with any of the discussion taking place, but most forums have a "offtopic" rule (This one does as well, I refer you to rule #7 Stay on topic unless you're in the Everything & Anything section.) and I think this thread probably has a significant amount of pages that qualify as offtopic as in it isn't actually discussing the "Beginning of the Golden Days" at all, it's just forum regulars going back and forth. So lets try to angle the to a more... appropriate place. Even if you guys have to create a topic in Everything & Anything or General as "Offshoot from Golden Days Thread" or something to that effect.

Re: The Beginning of the Golden Days!

Toshi wrote:
Victor Tombs wrote:We are way past the beginning of the golden days now...hopefully. :angel:
Dream on friend. Dream on.
Wow... that's really critical.

Josh is doing well I think, the engine redevelopment should soon see some real improvements. :thumbup:
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console.log(`What's all ${this} ${}`);

Re: The Beginning of the Golden Days!

I'm going to close the thread down, rather than do a massive split. If Josh wants to open it again later, he can, or simply make a new one when he has something new to show. As previously noted, it can be a bit annoying to constantly get emails that there are new posts in the announcements board. :)
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