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Re: The End of the Dark Days.

Thank you all very much :) It makes me so happy to be back here. WOOOOOOOOO :D :D

Off to bed for the moment though, irregular sleep schedule no more! :roll: See you all tomorrow :wave:

PS ~ It will take a while to get caught up on general forum activity, PMs, and emails. Please bear with me (as if that's not what you've been doing for the past months.. :ghost:)
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Re: The End of the Dark Days.

We all are human, we all have our problems... OUR mind it a delicated wonder that even us are amaze what we can do dream and make real... But some time we have to do it one step at once. No one can tell yet how our mind work, it a mesmerazing wonder of evolutionary art, complex and we humans are just starting to undestant it , We just need to look for a BALANCE betwen our mind deams and our phisical world....

thanks Josh! Be you, take u time...

It good to ask for help, and may be can be good to have some help to build you dream game!!!! Just an idea...


Re: The End of the Dark Days.

:shock: --> :o --> :D --> :clap:

So chuffed your back, I hope you never need to feel that kind of stress again, I can only imagine how crippling that must have been.

It takes real grapefruits to stick your neck out after spending months building it up in your head.

Looking forward to seeing LT developing again, hopefully in a much more measured and gradual way.

Onwards and upwards sonny jim laddy boy sonny boy laddy jim. :lol:

Re: The End of the Dark Days.

I'm super happy that you're alive and well. There comes a point where a decent person will stop worrying about Limit Theory's progress and will just want to see you alive, happy, and safe and sound. That's the #1 priority here.

Thank you once again for caring about us as we care about you. <3 ^-^
Welcome to Limit Theory where everything is procedural and the post count doesn't matter. ~Grumblesaur
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Re: The End of the Dark Days.

Hey, :wave: I've been silently LT for quite a while and decided to sign up to post this.

My girlfriend went through something extremely similar, where everything became extremely difficult to the extent of not seeing the point in anything. It was extremely hard for her and she is still having issues two and a half years later (unfortuantely for her much worse than the experiences you describe :( ).

I just wanted to offer my support I 100% understand and wish I could offer you real-life support. I hope you have some people around you who are giving you the support you need and deserve and please try and stay aware of how you are feeling.

Kudos for finding the courage to come back and to have the guts to explain the actual reasoning for your return is abslutely brilliant. Thank you for sharing your experience, I plan to show my girlfriend your message as soon as possible.

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