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Re: The Road to the Beta Series!

Scytale wrote:Any word on the status of the next RTB? It's two days overdue.

edit - wait, miscounted; correction, nearly a day.
RTB was scheduled to start on Wednesday, Jan. 7, making the first update targeted for Jan. 14.

But it looks like the update of the 14th slipped into early morning of Thursday the 15th. So I'm guessing we're now on a Thursday... ish... weekly schedule?

Re: The Road to the Beta Series!

From the "Road to Beta" Kickstarter announcement:
JoshParnell wrote:With the new RTB update series, however, the focus of each weekly entry is going to be very simple and very clear: demonstrate to you all, on a weekly basis, that LT has made a significant step toward completion (and beta release).
I'm probably wrong thinking that "weekly" means "every week on the same day."

"Weekly" probably just means every week or so. I'm going to relax now. :D

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