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Re: Development Update #21

mcsven wrote:Bah, you guys are never happy! Track record indicates that he'll keep working them, but I think they look fine as they are.
That's what I'm hoping for, mcsven. :P If Josh can't find the time to work on them or decides he's happy with the work he's already done I can accept that. As I said in my previous post, I'm just glad they remained as part of the vision. :angel:

Re: Development Update #21

mcsven wrote:Bah, you guys are never happy! Track record indicates that he'll keep working them, but I think they look fine as they are.
No, no! I'm quite happy! I just know constructive criticism is a little more helpful than "OMG YOUR GAME IS SO AWESOME, I WANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNTTTTTTTT". (Which is also perfectly applicable. ;) )
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Re: Development Update #21

Talvieno wrote:"OMG YOUR GAME IS SO AWESOME, I WANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNTTTTTTTT". (Which is also perfectly applicable. ;) )
You've described the meat of my own Update comments. :lol: :squirrel:

P.S. Please keep the energy spheres or else retain them as an official mod ..on second thought: never mind, I'm supremely confident that whatever aesthetic Josh decides to finalize will be my favourite.
"omg such tech many efficiency WOW" ~ Josh Parnell

Re: Development Update #21

Zanteogo wrote:
Groufac wrote: I'm a little disapointed though: there has been no word on beta and since it was supposed to happen a that time of the year... At least can we know what are the major developments that are left to be done before the beta is launched?
The beta is actually due out right now.

Yes, I assumed he would say something about it during #21 too.

I would actually like for Josh to release the beta "as is" right now. It would take the pressure of making more videos off him and on to the testers.

I would love to have the beta in my digital hands right now as much as the other guy. But after he showed off how the market system is working I do not feel it is ready. If Josh were to send it out as is I would view it more like an alpha at this point. There is a little bit of game play-ability there but not enough to really be able to put it through its tests as we would in a beta. A beta in my eyes is a pretty much completed game that is sent out to the hungry early game mobs for testing and bug fixes before sending it out to the rest of the world.

From the dev logs and the videos the games still has a little ways to go. I would definitely say the graphics are way past being done though :thumbup:

Re: Development Update #21

OK, I already said I got my Kickstarter money back thanks to the Forum, Updates and Dev Logs.

Now if I can get my hand on this station and planet testbed, I get my money worth again - and then some.

(and if I get a full featured GAME on top? You must be kidding. That would be like winning at the casino!)


Re: Development Update #21

JoshParnell wrote:Thanks for all the comments guys :)

Figured I'd post this in case anyone wants the new music (since it's not actually part of the OST). I quite like it :)
Hmm...does this comment answer my question about the CD then, Josh? ;) :angel:

No don't answer that (as if you would). Still reading a few of my comments then. *chuckle*

Edit: Harmonic Universe is being played on continuous loop at the moment. Gorgeous, just gorgeous. More of the same ilk please, Josh. :D :D

Re: Development Update #21

I don't have a problem with the warp rail graphics and particles.
Ships go WHOOSH! What else do you need?

Sure, it would be nice to get more glitz/feedback on this from inside your own ship.
Some sort of slipstream effect or maybe micrometeorite/debris exploding on your "windshield". Whatever. I'm not the graphics guy. =P

The market UI looks workable because... simple.
No matter what's going on behind the scene, buying stuff is not a complex issue. And shouldn't be. =)

8:10, Gazztan Five Base. Random generation FTW!
There is no "I" in Tea. That would be gross.

Re: Development Update #21

Cornflakes_91 wrote:
Flatfingers wrote:
  • Higher prices for greater quantities seems counterintuitive -- sellers usually offer volume discounts.
from what i understood that was not a volume based price increase per se.

but there were multiple sellers on the station, and the buy option automatically chose the cheapest option at the beginning. the price increases happened when the stock of the respective cheapest seller was exhausted and the menu automatically got the next cheapest one.
You're right. Thanks for reminding me; Josh did pretty much say exactly that starting at about 20:00 into the video.

I was thinking that individual sellers placed their wares on the market, and a buyer would buy from one seller at a time. (EVE Online, for one example, works that way.) As suggested up-thread, exposing products by seller allows players to decide whom they prefer to do business with -- or not.

It would also allow sellers to set triggers to enable price discounts at selected volumes, as I incorrectly thought would have happened in the version of the trade interface shown in Update #21. Playing as a seller of products to price-conscious NPCs, I'd like a way to encourage them to buy more of what I'm selling.

That's definitely just a nice-to-have, though; it shouldn't hold up any more important feature work.
Cornflakes_91 wrote:(more or less) 2 dimensional systems are how the real universe works too, the ecliptic is not an invention of the gaming industry.
I think that's slightly misleading. From the point of view of an incredibly tiny viewer, space at any position only appears 2-dimensional if you're able to move far, far away from that position.

The ecliptic is just a useful abstraction of the average plane across which planets move in a stellar system. Similarly, the Milky Way (and other regular galaxies) only seem "flat" if you're very, very, very far away from them.

Within normal space, it looks very much three-dimensional.
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