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Re: Development Update #21

I agree about the "magical orbs".. they just look weird sitting there in space by themselves.. I think what needs to happen is that they need some kind of structure around or near them that is projecting the ball, if you stay with balls at all. When it's just the ball itself.. it looks weird and yes, magical rather than technological. For example, in Stargate they have that ring structure around the rippling vortex.. it's not as magical looking but more technological. I know it's early on for the warp rails and I do like the look of the rails themselves.. just the nodes need a bit of work to make them look like a technology.

Re: Development Update #21

dmondark wrote:Only started watching 3 minutes ago so far I can safely say: Holly sh*t this looks amazing!

Can't wait for the high quality version torrent to be posted. After you've had that long-overdue, good night sleep that is ;)
Yeh.. this is the first time I thought I might want to see the HD version on account of the colour banding in the nebula clouds at the start.. I'm assuming that doesn't happen in the game itself..

Re: Development Update #21

Congrats on getting that sucka finished Josh! :thumbup: Clearly an ordeal, so I'm very happy that you got it done.

My overall reaction is that this is another fantastic slice of sugary LT goodness and the game is clearly coming along nicely. The whole aesthetic of these videos is Tron-meets-Freelancer, and I'm loving how things are clearly evolving each time whilst showing solid progress towards the final result. In other words: I'm green with envy, as usual. :mrgreen:

Some more specific thoughts...

Warp rails look great! There's a real sensation of speed, which I don't think Freelancer captured as well. I actually liked the futuristic, vaguely magical look; if felt like we really had upgraded the mechanic from Freelancer in a sensible manner. I also like the particle effects that accompany someone exiting the rail. I was amazed to see some rails that didn't appear to be on the ecliptic too! Man I've been asking about that for a while, and they just appeared - or that's how it appeared to me... One thing: when drawing the system map, straight lines that join the nodes would be useful I think (toggle-able of course!).

Market interface looks polished and functional. Flat's comment about increasing prices being counter-intuitive also struck me; I wonder how much this is because we're not used to dealing with an open market, instead buying from vendors that only have to clear the price they bought it for? :think: This is right at the edge of my economics competence and needs more thought.

I also wondered about the comparison functionality; in my view this is where a bit of Tuftian thought would come in handy. Numerical comparison is nearly always better done in a chart; it's a question of data/ink ratio and what the eye can take in. In this case, a bar chart would serve fantastically, as well as adding some nice splashes of colour. Sorting on each attribute when then be really useful, since you can visually see the trade-offs you may be making.

Last point on the market interface - have you thought about sparklines? They could be a really useful addition to the interface as it stands. Also, now that I've seen it, I really think that a trade route planning UI would be a nice and natural extension.

Finally regarding the font stuff - I would LOVE to see signs on the warp rails! Specifically signs alongside each node that you actually fly past, just to remind you of where you're going (and possibly from!). More than once I actually went the wrong way in Freelancer; with the exit mechanic this could be addressed much faster in LT.

Aces. Now get some sleep!

Re: Development Update #21

In solidarity with Josh's struggle these last months to get this out, i will not be watching it.


Ok who am i kidding, these video's are always the bomb. Thanks Josh, and well done on getting by this difficult period. Creative works (and game dev especially so i find) often take it out of you in unknown ways. Even the biggest AAA setups slip up from time to time, so don't beat yourself up about it.

Re: Development Update #21

I'm not going to comment on the video because it's obvious to me and everyone else that it's pretty mind blowing stuff as usual. I'm posting because I'm concerned about you... shit man, you weren't kidding about the anxiety. It's like there's a different Josh narrating the video this time. Take two, three days off! Go to that park you're fond of and just bask in it lazily for awhile! My two cents.

Re: Development Update #21

Just watching the video again, and when you hitch a ride on the curved rail at the 6 minute mark, it seems that your "wedge" is changing as you pass each node - is this right? The effect is that you're constantly changing your position relative to the rail during the trip, which is quite cool. It also appears to be happening to the bloke following you...

Edit: it appears to happen on the return trip too, at around the 11 minute mark.
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Re: Development Update #21

Well, we got update #21

My personal review; this post will contain some of my personal feelings. Feel free to disagree..

First on a positive note, Limit Theory is still looking beautiful. Through Josh avoided pointing out some of the graphical changes that have been made since the last update, they do show. It's been my stance for some time now that the graphics in Limit Theory have been good enough for sometime, but when I say "good enough" I mean they look awesome.

Alright, so the update showed off three main things with two or three minor things mixed in. I will be honest, for two and a half months worth of work I really did hope for some more "stuff".

Warp rails:
This was a "biggie" when it came to development time. I think it took up a good couple weeks going by the dev logs and what we have gathered from Josh. They also took up the bulk of the update video.
I was slightly disappointed to be honest. They look fine, they serve their function I suppose. We have system highways now..... however, we have always had them. Alright, well the old warp lanes got a new graphical look to them and a slightly different function.
Overall all, I'm glad they are mostly done, I hope Josh can move on to something else.

Market Interface:
It looks efficient and does what it's required to do. I like being able to select various items and compare them. It's a pretty barebones when it comes to design, I am alright with it. Your supposed to use the market and move on to more spacey stuff.

Text rendering:
Why this took up so much time in the development video is beyond me. It's good for translations and may have a future use for modders...
To be honest this could have been brushed over quickly and had this same impact.

Minor stuff:
Planetary rings - they look nice

System overview screen - Josh almost seemed embarrassed showing it off, but I actually found it interesting and wanted to see it more. "more of a development tool" I believe he said.

Future announcement: The last bit was Josh telling us that he failed in brining out #21 and that things will be changing. He will let us know in a week or two. (in Josh time to actual time lets say a month) I have to ask, why wait? Also, what's happening with the Beta? We will have threads locked down if we discuss when it's happening, however, it's supposed to be happening right NOW by Josh's last delay announcement. I'm sorry, but Josh is just not being fair here. We can't discuss or speculate on when the beta or release will happen and have to go by official announcements only, but when we reach that said date and nothing is said, it's alright?

Now, if #21 was put out a month and a half ago I would say it was incredible what Josh has put out. However, we have to remember this is the end result of two and a half months work. If you weigh that in it's somewhat less incredible... still ok however.

Thank you for the video Josh, though I did some picking apart here, it's just honest feedback and my small part to try to make the future better.
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Re: Development Update #21

Flatfingers wrote:
  • Higher prices for greater quantities seems counterintuitive -- sellers usually offer volume discounts.
from what i understood that was not a volume based price increase per se.

but there were multiple sellers on the station, and the buy option automatically chose the cheapest option at the beginning.

the price increases happened when the stock of the respective cheapest seller was exhausted and the menu automatically got the next cheapest one.

so it was not

seller 1 -> 2 pieces, 3 cr
+seller 1 -> 2 pieces, 4cr
+seller 1 -> 2 pieces, 5cr

but instead

seller 1 -> 2pieces -> 3cr
+seller 2-> 2pieces ->4cr

Victor Tombs wrote:like they were designed for a business software application
and thats something bad for a typical use case of business software?
stock trading software will have a reason why it looks the way it looks.

Re: Development Update #21

Zanteogo wrote:Why this took up so much time in the development video is beyond me. It's good for translations and may have a future use for modders...
To be honest this could have been brushed over quickly and had this same impact.
You're probably already aware of this, but he's implying that this can be used for implementing cockpits.

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