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Development Update #21

And so it finally arrives. The infamous #21!

KS : ... ts/1083426

YT :

I don't think I need to tell you guys the story behind this one. You know. You've seen it first-hand. 'Twas a beast unlike any other. But in the end, 'twas also a learning experience unlike any other.

Enjoy :)
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Re: Development Update #21

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ZOMG monsieur Jolin is the awesome-sauce!!! :mrgreen:
:oops: ^ That was actually Harmonic Universe by Mr. Parnell... a track which I'm going to be overplaying in the near future.
less than 3 minutes in streaming low quality (damn you connection!) ---already clinches 'Favourite Update' with ease!! :squirrel:

edit #2: I see that Lum's artistic imagining of rails was indeed very accurate. :thumbup:

edit #3: "Screaming Windpulse"? I don't care what that does or how it compares to contemporaries: I am buying that sucker on impulse. Who says the naming algorithm sucks?? I'll fight y'all!

..and those happy little UI chirps in the final seconds --what an outro.

If I didn't fear the guilt of trivializing Josh Stress I would confidently say of this Update: totally worth it.
But I do love love LOVE Limit Theory now more than ever. :angel:
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Re: Development Update #21

Axefrog, I think you may have a better chance of Josh seeing your question if you make a thread in "General" edit: or "Technical". I'm not at all trying to say that you shouldn't have posted it here, but I feel like your question may get buried in this thread. Posting it in its own thread should give it more visibility; alternatively you can send Josh a private message on these forums. :thumbup:

Josh, I just want to say thank you for all the hard work you put into this update, and that the market UI looks gorgeous! I honestly don't mind if you decide to stop doing update videos, but I hope you still give us some pretty pictures every month :)

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