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Re: Development Update #20: August & September 2014

Stunning! Just stunning!

I cried; they were tears of joy. I knew it would be special but I never dreamt it would affect me in this way. So much beauty, I was there in my good looking explorer spaceship just drinking in the lavish scenery. So much to see and so much more to come.

:shifty: I even enjoyed the LTSL chapter. ;)

You continue to astonish me. :angel:

Thank you Josh Parnell, that will do nicely, very nicely indeed. :clap:

Re: Development Update #20: August & September 2014

Wow, such an impressive update I also really dug the chapters just to break it up into the different focus' (might be a good format to keep with the breadth of LT expanding like stated in the video)

I don't make it out to these forums much and I think because of Josh's commitment to us I owe it to him to come kick around in the forums more lol.

I am not a dev really, I wanna be kinda but I don't code as of now. That being said I think the ability to code live in game plus the ability to pull out just the features you want to work on is really an amazing thing. LTSL seems like a very robust and powerful thing. I applaud your work sir. :clap:

Edit: I chromecasted it to my TV and it was pretty awe inspiring.

Re: Development Update #20: August & September 2014

Flatfingers wrote:You guys are killing me with all this praise -- I'm stuck in meetings and can't get to the video! :D

Sounds like it was worth the wait, though.

Maybe Josh should start doing update videos every two months now...? :twisted:
To deflate the hype balloon a bit, there's still no actual game to be seen... but I wasn't really expecting that, and the video definitely does a very good job of convincing that the friction associated with the development process has finally been minimized. I now have high, high expectations for next month's update. :twisted:

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