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Re: Development Update #20: August & September 2014

No warp tunnels?! :P

Great job, Josh - as always. Definitely worth the wait. As usual I am green with envy.

The visuals you're putting out in this game are unreal. The number and size of asteroids in a single system is now serious impressive, and very immersive. LTSL now looks like a serious dev tool and I can't wait to see how the game comes together between now and the end of the year.

Re: Development Update #20: August & September 2014

This is by far the most impressive and fulfilling update you have delivered. I'm grateful!

After watching the video, I'm even more convinced that LTSL's true value for you will be most apparent not in LT's development, but in post-release work or future projects where you'll be able to implement this highly efficient method of solo development directly, from day one. This isn't to say that LTSL isn't hugely beneficial as it is -- I see it is, and I'm a convert now -- but the fundamental insight behind it is really the kind of thing that could drive your entire growth as a game developer, going forward.

Re: Development Update #20: August & September 2014

This update is absolutely amazing. And the graphics? That first system... that was absolutely breathtaking. So incredibly gorgeous it's just unreal. :D

And the UI! Nodal + blocky combined in a smooth, beautiful way! The UI is finally sorted out. :) Distant asteroids are visible, it's impossible to tell they're imposters... it's just amazing. And the LTSL looks incredibly productive as well.

This is the first month I didn't wait to download the high quality version first. I couldn't stand the wait. :P I'll still download the HQ version, though.
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Re: Development Update #20: August & September 2014

Soo .. finally ready with the video and it's really great.

It seems like LTSL was a really great idea, also for modding and fast developement. ;)
It also allows him to work much faster and he can directly see his work and if he likes it or not.

If the next video is as great as this, i'm really happy.
The new Interface and the all over look is so fantastic .. love it. When the interface first showed up i was like this: :o . ^^

I hope in the next video there will be a lot of new functionalites and it would also be great, if you would show some big ships and some ship related stuff like (Weapons, Rockets, Shields). :D
I also would like to see a working damage model and collision turned on. ;)

Waiting for the next LT Developement update (around the end of the month) :monkey:

BTW: Will the ships be categorized in some kind of class, i mean like in x series, like L, X, M or so?

:clap: :clap:

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