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Re: Development Update #19: July 2014

p2k wrote:I was slightly disappointed. I couldn’t find the secret science vessel anywhere in the video!!!
Clearly Josh has started getting that particular part down. :ghost:
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Re: Development Update #19: July 2014

Yeah I know they aren't suppossed to duplicate 100% what should appear, But at first when Josh talked about them it seamed like they were ment to make for example rings around planets look more like rings.

Anyway, I rewatched the update and he is a bit unclear about wheter there are imposters in the update or not. My guess is that the big asteroids we see from afar in the update are infact imposters. That's why it runs so smooth now.
But he also talks about how awesome it's gonna be once we have imposters implemented...

So maybe we still see the same LOD as we did in the previous update. But with imposters this time.
And in the future he'll scale up the LOD aswell. But that "scaling" is not yet implemented.

Re: Development Update #19: July 2014

Really great update, i love the new ship generator and it's really awesome, that the game will be moddable.
I really hope the next month update has a lot of of new content and i also would like to see some more ship stuff, like weapons, shields ...
I also would like to see the collision online, but i know there is still a lot performance work (at least i guess that).
But really great progress and good job so far. I really love the style and the graphics!

When is the HQ Torrent for the Developement Update #19 going to be released?
BTW: Are their also HQ Torrents for the Developement Updates 1-13 and the Gameplay Demos or are they starting by 14 and the others are not available?
The HQ Torrents are really great and the quality is really good.

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