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Re: Development Update #19: July 2014

Very nice!

It's pretty obvious that LTSL really is going to make development much quicker, as well as making LT super mod-able post release. Great job as always.

I reckon you should consider taking a few days in August to finally crush that asteroid popping now that you think you have the solution. Graphically it's the only thing that really needs work, as far as I can tell. It would also make update #20 special.

PS: Did you define "Local r" twice in the final icon mod script?

Re: Development Update #19: July 2014

mcsven wrote:PS: Did you define "Local r" twice in the final icon mod script?
Excellent eye, and yes, I did - I only noticed this after I rendered the video and watched it again :lol:

Ironically it does exactly what I intended for it to do because of the way the LTSL compiler works (the second r replaced the first for the remainder of that block scope, which made it work as I intended), but yeah, that should be an error in the future :lol:
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Re: Development Update #19: July 2014

This update has got me very excited! The possibilities!

Is there more bloom in the graphics somehow? It feels as if every object has a softer 'edge' around it.

Is there any word if LTSL will have access to C++ sockets? I'd love to write an IRC client within LT, but without sockets this will only stay a dream.
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Re: Development Update #19: July 2014

My only concern is that if he makes this awesome engine/scripting thingamajig (I don't know particularly what it is classified as) open source, there are going to be hundreds of companies going through it to try to take what they can out of it, and probably make (failed) clones of the game. If you haven't already, I would patent that engine or something, before someone else tries to.

I didn't understand much in that video but; on the fly, instant ship generation? Procedural and customize-able Icons? Its just simply amazing what you have done with this! I still wish I would have been able to fund you at the time on kickstarter :cry:

I just can't wait until you go into more depth of station/colony customization and show some huge ships instead of always smaller ones.

Keep up the amazing work Josh!

Re: Development Update #19: July 2014

While you have access to the internal C++ coded functions, you can't really print them. So the internal part of the code is obfuscated.
Sure, a company could reverse engineer stuff, or treat the functions as a black box and mimic their behaviour... But I really doubt many companies would do that.

Personally, I think that some people might try to make a living out of modding LT. Advertising, youtube hits, creating requested mods for pay... It are but a few ways where LT could create a whole new market.
Beware of he who would deny you access to information, for in his heart he dreams himself your master.

Re: Development Update #19: July 2014

Awesome update!

However at 7:21 there appears to be a break in the ship. The bottom part of the ship is disconnected from the rest or it at least appears to be.

Otherwise the ship modification is so cool.

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Re: Development Update #19: July 2014

Like the scripted ship generation :D .

Of course, there goes my excuse for complaining about un-logical ship designs, now that we will have the tools to change stuff ourselves. But between now and release, I'd like to get one more little nitpick in :ghost: :

At 9:53 in the video the HUD shows 10 thrusters, while throughout the video I can see only 3 in action. Assuming the HUD shows the player ship, I think the visible and the installed items should, ahem, match more closely :angel: .

Re: Development Update #19: July 2014

Wow, i'm stunned !

Just finished watching, that ship algorithm is the BEST THING i've ever seen in a game engine ! Your LTSL seems to be a mighty tool. My mouth is still wide open...

Can it just change the ship optics, or would it be possible to change the whole ship properties too? there any special award for game engine coders out there? For me, u would have just won it :D

Great!! (mouth still open....)

Re: Development Update #19: July 2014

What is really incredible is that this placeholder ships are better than most fully textured ships in other games. They simply look awesome. And still without windows and lights and those typical things ships usually have. I could imagine a faction having these slick, polished ships with no fancy nancy about them. It would be a great distinctiveness of that faction, like "I'm in a middle of a deal with the Tarararian Corporation, man!" "Really? Those with the slick chrome & black beautifull ships?" "Yeah! I already was in one of those the other day, pretty impressive."

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