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Shifting the Release Date to Early 2015

This literally kills me on the inside. I can only hope for your understanding :( I know this is the right choice...but it still hurts. A lot. :cry:

From KS:
Definitely my least favorite part of this month, but I'm afraid we can't put off talking about the release date anymore. As you can probably see, LT still has a ways to go before being finished, and with the slated release date of mid-2014 upon us, it simply doesn't seem that it's going to happen.

It was a really, really tough call for me to decide just what to do about the release date. The obvious choice would be "late 2014." Frankly, though, I absolutely do not want to have to push again. For this reason, I've decided to play it on the safe side and opt for pushing the release to early 2015. Rather than cutting it close, I want to ensure that we have enough time to polish LT into the gem that we all know it can become!

Truly, to everyone who has backed, I hope you will accept my sincerest apologies. LT is coming along really, really well...but I'm just not going to be able to pull it out on the original timeline.

With the new release date in mind, I will be looking to launch the closed BETA near the end of 2014 for KS backers. I'm hoping it can make a nice holiday gift for those of you who were generous enough to support at that level :)

If you have further questions or concerns about this shift, please feel free to take them to the forums where we will no doubt be discussing it.
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Re: Shifting the Release Date to Early 2015.

You are forgiven... on one condition. :twisted: You use this additional time to make it that much better than anything anyone, yourself included originally expected was possible. To make it better than you imagine it is possible to be even as of today :D

I for one am willing to wait.

Besides, another 6 months time means that even some grand ideas can be squeezed in with all that content.
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Re: Shifting the Release Date to Early 2015.

Should you run out of money you as sure as hell can raise some more ;) I would be in in an instant.

And as we all can exactly follow the progress on the game with the Devlogs we actually do know the reasons and see how much is still missing and that you non the less work full time on the game. This is so much better then 99.99% of the other Gamedevs (be it studios or small Indies).
Its like watching a flexible countdown - this is just ultra satisfying and transparent. I really do enoy reading you daily updates.

Re: Shifting the Release Date to Early 2015.

I would like to add on to this;

While we try to keep things open here on the forums, and we realize there will be those that will want to voice your displeasure, that's fine. Just please don't let it get excessively negative or the mods will not hesitate to lock topics.

As for the release date, I was kind of expecting this a little, but it doesn't bother me. I realize this is a big endeavor and I don't want to see corners cut.
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Re: Shifting the Release Date to Early 2015.

Grumblesaur wrote:
alpan wrote:This was fully expected months in advance. Good call. That the decision kills you on the inside speaks of relentless idealism :)
Relentless idealism is Josh's M.O.
Heh heh. Hear, hear!
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Re: Shifting the Release Date to Early 2015.

:shock: I'm mortified to hear that you intend taking even more time to create my perfect Freelancer 2 game. What have you been doing with yourself? Obviously you spend too much time sleeping.

Hmmm...well the video wasn't bad, I'll give you that. It's obvious you need the extra time to practice your dogfighting skills. Maybe you could fit in a bit of work on the game itself during the breaks.

It would be nice to see some answers to a few pertinent questions that have been raised on the forums. Especially now you have awarded yourself the luxury of all this extra time.

I suppose you will be wanting the whole day off this month. Try not to waste it. :angel:


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