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Re: Development Update #18: June 2014

Josh, the ship looked good, and the AI (especially the big vessel) doing its thing looked amazing - really impressed so far and I can wait for this, its worth it. Keep going. :monkey:
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Re: Development Update #18: June 2014

Very nice update :)

Of course it makes some things obvious:
  • Colonies need some models too. Preferably procedurally generated ;)
  • An AI that is less than perfect at shooting might help some players. A variable degree of imperfection would also be a way to model NPC skill levels :angel:
More about the latter coming soon in the suggestions. Unless I find an existing thread where this was already discussed to death :silent: .

Re: Development Update #18: June 2014

Ah yay, that was pretty epic taking the second exit towards legendary. We're almost there :lol:

One thing I found a little odd was the light in the middle of the planet when Josh was flying through the asteroid belts. It looked almost like some star light residue or something? When he aproached the planet to land on the colony, the planet was way darker and the light was proper showed. Maybe is a side effect of zoning or it has more to do with ambience light? Anyway, I found it a little odd.

This new type of ships were cool. The behemoth in the first seconds of the video was like a big submarine! Loved the trails and the sense of immersion provided by the flight model and the zoning.

And it was very nice to be again on the surface!!
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Re: Development Update #18: June 2014

InfelixTurnus wrote:To me it gave a really strong impression of movement... even with dust etc it doesnt really seem like you're getting closer or around things in LT because of the scale. I was able to link the spinning speed with my speed and visualise the movement more easily.
The spinning reticle seems to have been replaced by the two inner lines on either side of the reticle, which feels more natural to me, personally.

More mystifying for me is the 'radar' thing in the lower left corner. It doesn't seem to have any purpose so far, it doesn't show asteroids, nor ships that I can see.
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