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Re: Ultra-High-Quality Monthly Update Video Torrents

Hi Josh,

Followed Cornflakes link and added the trackers to your torrent, but no joy

I am seeing leechers, but no seeders.

Ready to seed to all - gn sleepy heads, hope to go Ringo in the Morno..

Cornflakes_91 wrote:Try adding the trackers from that site. ... 4.html?m=1

maybe dmondark doesnt connect to one of your trackers, and this rises the chances of successful matching

In Josh We Trust

Re: Ultra-High-Quality Monthly Update Video Torrents

I'm still seeding all of the updates, and update 21 without caps. I've also made a bittorrent sync folder with all the high quality video files, for archiving purposes and torrents without seeds. If that's not ok for some reason, let me know.

To add and share the folder, btsync key: BK2GIEL4G4LWVZUIWN2W2VQCSXLSVBHWI

These are the magnet links for the torrents I'm still seeding (same as the front page ones):
November(update 21)

Go ahead and grabbem!
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Re: Ultra-High-Quality Monthly Update Video Torrents

Cornflakes_91 wrote:
kieranvs wrote: Aah, do you not have them any more?
i cant find them, sorry.

but someone else seems to have heeded your call as well and started seeding about half of the videos.
Okay, that's good news, but I'm having some difficulty because I clicked the magnet links and they opened in Deluge, but it doesn't seem to have acquired the .torrent files? The hashes are all that's visible, no information about the files or peers etc. When I try the direct link for the torrent files at the start of this thread it just says connection timed out, so I guess those links are dead. Do you have the .torrent files still?

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