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Re: Update #15 Torrent SpeedPass™

Aerilum wrote:That feel, when uploading speed several times bigger than downloading one... >_<
Also, greetings from Crimea!
Hmmmmmmmm... hmmmmmm..
Are you with us or against us? :twisted:

Just joking, welcome to the forums :)
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Re: Update #15 Torrent SpeedPass™

Happy to see everything is coming together on the macro scale :thumbup:
This update was not as "visually demonstrative" as the previous ones but seeing a system with hundreds of NPCs working is still impressive !

I just hope the viewers who don't follow the dev logs will understand the importance of your work this month ;)

Re: Update #15 Torrent SpeedPass™

Amazing stuff!

Bosses (captains) issuing orders (contracts) based on their observations of the market conditions.
Independents deciding to accept and execute contracts.
Nothing scripted, pure AI work.
Extremely powerful and intuitive UI for browsing and controlling all this complexity.
My dream game!

This is what I envisioned when reading the dev logs back in mid 2013. I'm glad I correctly deduced what Josh had in mind and that he was able to (start to) execute it. Not that I doubted for a second.

Keep it up, Josh, and take all the time you need to make this game what it's supposed to be - the best game evah!

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