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Re: Ultra-High-Quality Monthly Update Video Torrents

Poet1960 wrote:K. I'm seeding again for a while. Come and get it.
Hi all

I've been eagerly following the development of LT for some time now but this is my first post to the forums. I often try to make my first posts a little more helpful and sound a little less needy, but alas... ;)
I only noticed that we can enjoy the development updates videos as they should be enjoyed (hi-res) but it seems that I was too late again (first being late for the KS campaign). It seems that the videos are no longer being seeded, so could anyone who downloaded the last two update videos please re-seed them just enough for my Torrent Box to download them? My download/Upload speed is fairly decent (~100Mbps) so it shouldn't take too long if you've got a fast upload speed.

Either way, I'll make sure I always seed the last 2-3 videos for as long as I have my TB (which I intend to be for a long, long time).

Re: Ultra-High-Quality Monthly Update Video Torrents

dmondark wrote: Nope. Not even after re-adding the torrents to the client. Is it possible that they've been removed from the trackers? I'm checking with the latest two videos btw.
The trackers dont care about the files.
Someone goes online with seeding a file, the trackers take a hash and tell the ip to others who ask for the same hash.
They remove the data when no client is connected to that particular hash

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