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Re: Ultra-High-Quality Monthly Update Video Torrents

There is no website involve in torrent. You download the .torrent file which contains informations that allows your client (like µtorrent for exemple) to download the file from other people who already have it. Like, if you want to download the #15 update, your torrent software will download it from people like me who have already downloaded it.
Torrent can be dangerous because you don't know what you download, there is no way to say that "Video.torrent" will actually make you download a video and not a virus. You have to trust the original seeder, in that case, Josh.
Torrent have a bad reputation because some people use it to share crack versions of software, or films. That doesn't make it bad for every situation.
As always on internet, be carefull when you download something, never start a ".exe" found in a torrent you don't trust, and things like that.
Why Josh used torrent ? Because it allows people to share the bandwith, and not make it so that LT server use 4-5 Go of bandwith for everybody who wants the video.
Please forgive my English mistakes, and don't forget :
"We don't make mistakes, just happy little accidents." - Bob Ross

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